The SC4000 is a prototype assault rifle created by Charlie Cole.


Both the name and appearance suggest it's the successor to the classic SC-20K M.A.W.S. and SC3000. It can be equipped with many modifications aside from the grenade launcher that was previously used to shoot various gadgets. It has three firing modes: fully-automatic, semi-automatic and burst fire. The SC4000 also comes with a built-in suppressor for maximum stealth, providing an excellent assault rifle weapon for covert operations.

Like other assault rifles, the SC4000 can accept optics, different types of ammunition and even extended magazines, which brings the capacity to 60 rounds.

The SC4000 trumps the SC-400S, and SC-IS Shotgun in terms of stats and general performance due to it's extremely high stats. Even though unlike the slug-loaded shotgun it requires 2 headshots to kill a heavy infantry unit, the Assault Rifle fires so fast that the second, killing, shot is fired even before the HIU flinches out of the players' crosshair, it has a longer effective range than both weapons and it never requires more than 2 shots (torso for normal and head for heavies) to kill an enemy within its effective range. All of these advantages make it the perfect secondary weapon, and tied in usefulness with the other Level 2 Prototypes, the situational SC-IS Sniper Rifle which can be used like a slug-shotgun through hip-fire, and the SC-IS Pistol, with its only drawback being the insanely high acquisition price of the second upgrade for Charlies Workshop, the weapon itself and all of its upgrades (7 slots).



  • Like the SC3000, the SC4000 is not equipped with the SC-20K's GL-1 grenade launcher.
  • While older SC rifle variants were based on the Belgian F2000, the SC4000 is entirely fictional, though it takes influences from the Russian Saritch, as well as the SRSS Bulldog 762.
  • Like every other prototype, the SC4000 is unique and cannot be found in any mission.
  • The fire selector lever has been placed in an area where it would be unreachable by the user's firing hand.
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