Concept art of the SC-IS sniper rifle

The 4E SC-IS Prototype Sniper Rifle v.2.76 is an internally suppressed sniper rifle designed by Fourth Echelon technical specialist Charlie Cole in 2012. The SC-IS Sniper Rifle was designed during the Blacklist Attacks and is an effective long range weapon for covert operations.

Overview Edit

The SC-IS Sniper Rifle has an internal suppressor, powerful damage output, and extensive range, making it one of the most powerful weapons in the Fourth Echelon line of prototype weapons, as well as being one of the most powerful sniper rifles used by Fourth Echelon during the Blacklist Attacks in 2012. Developed by Charlie Cole, the SC-IS SR is built uniquely and ideally for long distance sniping with a minimized chance of being detected due to the suppressor. The SC-IS SR's strongest offensive features are also its best answer to counter enemy snipers.

Trivia Edit

  • The SC-IS Sniper Rifle is the only bolt-action weapon in Blacklist, however, Sam and Isaac Briggs operate the bolt rapidly, making its rate of fire only slightly smaller than its semi-auto counterparts.
  • The SC- IS SR's version is '2.76'.
  • The SC-IS SR can kill enemies through helmets with Hollow Point Rounds.

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