Concept art of the SC-IS shotgun

The SC-IS Shotgun is one of the five prototype weapons that have been developed by Charlie Cole and becomes available for purchase for $200,000, alongside the SC-400S after upgrading Charlie's Lab to level 1.

Like all other Prototypes, the SC-IS features an integral silencer, which is unique as no other shotgun in the game can be suppressed. With slug munitions, the SC-IS will kill any enemy within its effective range with a single headshot (even heavy infantry through their helmets), though it's an arguably worse choice than the SC-IS Sniper Rifle which is able to be fired from the hip for the same effect but combines this ability with the advantages of a regular Sniper Rifle.

Furthermore, choosing the SC-IS Shotgun over the SC4000 Assault Rifle is debatable due to the SC4000's ludicrously high stats potentially and its ability to kill any 'normal' enemy with 2 shots to the torso, and heavy infantry with 2 headshots perhaps (or a single 2-shot-burst). However, it still remains perhaps the best alternate weapon for players with the desire to use shotguns for the sake of using shotguns potentially, or those who have yet to unlock SC4000.

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