The 4E SC-IS Prototype Pistol is an internally suppressed semi-automatic prototype pistol designed by Fourth Echelon tech specialist Charlie Cole in 2012. It is the successor to the Third Echelon 'SC Pistol', which had been in use from at least 2004 to 2008.


The SC-IS pistol is a suppressed semi-automatic prototype pistol that was developed and designed by Fourth Echelon member Charlie Cole. The SC-IS has a magazine that holds 18 rounds and has the highest base damage of any sidearm, except for the D50. The SC-IS has one major advantage, that is the fact that the SC-IS features a built-in suppressor, meaning purchasing one is not needed.

The SC-IS pistol was developed to replace the SC pistol and become the standard sidearm for Fourth Echelon operatives. Despite being developed to replace the original 'SC pistol', the Five-seveN was still available to 4E Commander Sam Fisher during the Blacklist Attacks. Similar to the Five-seveN used by Splinter Cell operatives in Third Echelon, the SC-IS was designed with stealth and covert operations in mind. The internal suppressor provides reduced noise output, ideal for taking out targets from a distance with minimum chances of being detected by the enemy.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

SC-IS Pistol: base statistics without upgrades
Power 8/20
Accuracy 10/20
Range 8/20
Control 10/20
Mag. size 18
Silenced Yes
Upgrades available 5


  • The SC-IS pistol is loosely based on the Walther P99; due to its stopping power, the pistol is likely to use large caliber rounds as well, but it isn't specified.

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