The SC-400S is a prototype, select-fire Submachine gun built by Charlie Cole of Fourth Echelon.


Like all prototype weapons, the SC-400S is the best in its class, surpassing every other SMG in terms of damage, accuracy, stability, magazine size, and is roughly on par with the Vector in terms of rate of fire. Like any other prototype weapon, it features and integral suppressor.

The SC-400S shares same price with the SC-IS Shotgun. Just like the shotgun, it only requires the 1st upgrade for Charlie's Lab to become purchasable. The SC-400S is a decent alternate weapon capable of until the player has enough money to purchase a better and more powerful SC4000 prototype assault rifle.



  • The SC-400S, so far, only appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • The SC-400S is based on Walther MPL
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