The SC-303 Compact Launcher is a compressed air-powered launcher designed to fire non-lethal ammunition. Using the same core technology as the SC-20K M.A.W.S.'s launcher, the SC-303 is self-contained and about the same size as a regular handgun. It comes equipped with its own OCP.

Overview Edit

The SC-303 Compact Launcher is a self-contained, compressed, air-powered launcher that is optimal for stealth operations, all the while designed to be small and easy to carry around during covert missions. Similar the launcher used on the SC-20K, the SC-303 is an optimal less-than-lethal weapon for situations that don't require lethal or loud solutions. The SC-303 has multiple rounds that can be used for distractions or non-lethal knockouts, with Rubber Bullets being the primary rounds.


  • Sticky Cameras: For reconnaissance, distraction, and incapacitation.
  • Rubber Bullets: To stun or incapacitate.
  • Tranquilizer Dart: To incapacitate instantly.
  • EMP ammunition: To deactivate electronic devices indefinitely.


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