"Say happy birthday to Kaye for me. Hopefully I'll be back in VA for the next one."
― Robert Blaustein's final email.

William Robert Blaustein (1962–2004) was a CIA Special Agent who (in Version 1) was assigned to locate and find out more regarding the disappearance of CIA Special Agent Alice Madison, who was operating in a secret position as a mole inside of President Kombayn Nikoladze's political cabinet. He was subsequently found by Grinko's mafioso and was killed. His body, along with Alice Madison's, were moved to the morgue of the T'bilisi 7th Precinct and their subdermals were removed.

In Version 2, his role is slightly different, along with special agent Alice Madison. In Version 2, the two agents both infiltrate a secret Georgian compound and discover a large army preparing for an invasion outside of Georgian borders. Once the two agents attempt to leave the facility, however, they are discovered and captured; they are then killed, and their subdermals are removed.

Biography Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

Version 1 (Xbox/PS3/PC) Edit

William R. Blaustein is sent into T'Bilisi on October 7 2004, to investigate the disappearance of missing CIA Agent, Alice Madison, who was undercover posing as a member in the cabinet of Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze. Fearing the worst, the CIA sent in Blaustein to find Madison. He was deployed to T'Bilisi, where he set up a safehouse and established contact with CIA liaison Thomas Gurgenidze. Agent Blaustein vanished on 11th October during his search for Madison, prompting the newly-activated Third Echelon initiative to deploy Splinter Cell Sam Fisher to discover the fates of both Blaustein and Madison.

Fisher learned from Gurgenidze that Blaustein kept his black box hidden in his apartment as a tracking relay for his subdermals, before Gurgenidze died from wounds inflicted by fallen debris during a warehouse fire. Fisher searched Blaustein's apartment, and found that it had been ransacked by Russian mercenaries. After dealing with the thugs, Fisher uncovered Blaustein's black box, only to discover that Blaustein had been dead for nearly forth-three hours, and that his subdermals were offline. Their last signal was emitting from a nearby police precinct, prompting Fisher to search for answers there.

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Blaustein's Corpse

Fisher arrived at the precinct and found the bodies of Blaustein and Madison in the mortuary. Their subdermals had been removed from their scalps. The subdermals were tracked to the Georgian Defense Ministry, having been taken there by Russian mercenary Vyacheslav Grinko, who evidently had close ties with President Nikoladze. Fisher trailed Grinko in the hopes of learning why Madison and Blaustein had been killed.

Version 2 (PS2/GC) Edit

In October 2004, Agents Blaustein and Alice Madison were sent to infiltrate a secret Georgian military compound in which they discovered it to be filled with a secret mass army, presumably gathered for an impending invasion. However, they are detected and tried to escape, but were forced to surrender when two enemy helicopters cornered them.

Revelant HistoryEdit

Arrives in T'Bilisi to begin investigation of Agent Madison's disappearance.

First contact with Thomas Gergenidze.

Reports harassment from local police and near-incarceration. [Ref: Sgt. Lortkipanidze]

Report of possible security breach at Blaustein's base of operations.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal motion is reduced to less than 10 meters a day.

Missed daily report to Langley.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal chips go offline.

A real cowboy, a good example of the old guard at Langley. [Author: Grimsdottir]

Mission AppearancesEdit

Tom Clancy's Splinter CellEdit


  • In the manuals for both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Madison and Blaustein are said to have gone missing on May 10, 2004.
  • In Version 1, Madison went missing between October 3–5 (believed to have gone missing specifically on the 3rd) and Blaustein went missing on October 7.
  • In Version 2, both Madison and Blaustein went missing in October on the same date.
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