Ring Airfoil Round Projectiles

The Ring Airfoil Projectile (also known as Ring Airfoil Round or simply Ring Airfoil) is a high-impact, zero-penetration projectile made of high-density rubber that can be fired from the SC-20K's launcher to stun and immobilize targets.


Although the Ring Airfoil Projectile functions about the same across all the games that feature it, it behaves differently depending on the title.

In Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow, the Ring Airfoil Projectile can be launched at the target's head to knock them out in a single shot. Striking the target anywhere else will only stun them momentarily, allowing the player an opportunity to strike or capture. Firing two rounds in quick succession knocks the target unconscious.

In Chaos Theory and Double Agent, firing only one Airfoil round at any part of the target's body is enough to knock the target out. Airfoil rounds can also be picked back up by the player in Version 1 of Double Agent. 


  • In Chaos Theory, using the Ring Airfoil in some missions may raise tension at a rapid rate, might even cause alarms. This may be a glitch or developer oversight, as this action is actually very quiet.


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