Reza Nouri was an arms dealer/broker who supplied mercenaries for hire and a former associate of Andriy Kobin. He appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


2013: Blacklist AttacksEdit

Following the first Blacklist attack, Nouri comes to the attention of Fourth Echelon. Lead agent Sam Fisher breaks into his private estate in Paraguay and captures him in his saferoom. He then escorts him to the dock after escaping an Iranian commando squad. He is then turned loose as an asset, after Fisher secretly bugs his phone.

Later he turns himself into the Americans at Guantanamo Bay under orders from Majid Sadiq as a distraction thus revealing he was an informant to him. Fisher then infiltrates the prison as a detainee to interrogate Nouri. Exercising his Fifth Freedom, Fisher gets him to reveal that he was planted, and that Sadiq is targeting Fourth Echelon. Fisher then leaves and escapes the camp.


  • Players have the option of killing or sparing him after the interrogation in Guantanamo Bay. Regardless of the player's choice, the audio log for the next mission features the CIA stating that their star witness had been taken out of play. This could mean Nouri was killed. After being interrogated, Nouri told Fisher that Sadiq would find out that he talked and have him slowly killed if Fisher didn't kill him.
    • Later on in the Guantanamo Bay mission, Sam says "it won't be long until they discover what's left of Nouri." This could mean Nouri is dead. However, Sam could also mean that they will just find him and the guard knocked out and in the case of the former, bound by his hands to a chair, raising an alert status from Guantanomo Bay Military Personnel.
  • "Reza" comes from Arabic meaning "contentment".

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