Regan Burns
Biographical information
Known aliases Regan Burns Fisher[1]
Regan Fisher
Died c. 2000
Cause of death Ovarian cancer.
Citizenship Flag of the United States American
Family Sam Fisher (ex-husband)
Sarah Fisher (daughter)
Career information
Occupation NSA cryptanalyst
Affiliations National Security Agency

Regan Burns (also known as Regan Burns Fisher and Regan Fisher) is the late ex-wife of Sam Fisher and mother of Sarah Fisher.


1980s-2000: Life and death Edit

Regan Burns worked as a cryptanalyst for the NSA during the 1980s.[2] During that time, Regan met Sam Fisher in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic while he was working in the CIA in Eastern Europe under the cover of being deployed as a diplomatic aide. They had a "stormy" affair and Regan got pregnant. After learning of the pregnancy, they had a small, quiet wedding at a U.S. military base in Germany, where Sarah was later born on May 31, 1985.[1] It was a distant, difficult marriage. Sam and Regan eventually separated after three years of marriage.[3] Regan went back to the United States and took Sarah with her, reclaiming her maiden name and changing Sarah's. Sam became estranged from Regan and Sarah as he dedicated himself to his work, operating extensively in Germany, Afghanistan and the Soviet satellites in the years leading up to the collapse of the USSR. Regan later died from ovarian cancer when Sarah was fifteen, circa 2000.[4]

Notes regarding deathEdit

Regan's date of death has been listed under different years in various sources.

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (novel) states that Regan died when Sarah was fifteen years old (approximately somewhere between 2000 and 2001).[5]
  • Early concept art for Double Agent portraying Sam's psyche profile[6] hints that Regan died circa 1994.
  • The manual for Version 2 (Xbox/PlayStation 2/GameCube/Wii) of Double Agent states in Sarah's biography that Regan "died in the 1980s".[7]
  • The official strategy guide for Double Agent states she died around 1997–1998 (..."since wife died 10 years ago"...).
  • The Ubisoft-approved[8] Prima Official Game Guide for Conviction states that Regan died in 1989.[9]

In an interview with The Fairer Sects, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell novel author Raymond Benson revealed that the details about Sam Fisher's personal life in the novel came from the "bible" used in the development of the video game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


  • Regan Burns and her background were first mentioned in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell novel.[5]
  • Operation Barracuda explains that, although they didn't talk much, Sam and Regan remained fairly cordial with each other over the years between the separation and her death mostly because of Sarah, and retained some affection for each other.[10] Implying that they saw/talked to each other a few times over the years.
  • Regan doesn't actually appear in any of the games, but her name is mentioned in Sarah's obituary concept material for Double Agent (which paraphrases the novel).[1] Sam refers to Regan as "Sarah's mom" during the flashback level in Splinter Cell: Conviction when he tells Victor Coste that she helped Sarah draw a picture and mailed it to him while he was stationed in Iraq.


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