"I need you to stop by and pick up the concierge at the Hotel Begurebi for questioning. Make up whatever charges you see fit, something he won't be inclined to talk about. Once you get him back to the station have him resist arrest and break something painful."
― Ramaz Lortkipanidze to Officer Gizo Giorgobiani in a data stick.[src]
Ramaz Lortkipanidze was a Georgian police officer holding the rank of sergeant in the 7th T'bilisi Police Precinct in T'bilisi Old Town, T'bilisi, Georgia in 2004 during the Georgian Information Crisis.

Biography Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

During or prior to 2004, Lortkipanidze had developed close partnership with Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze and his ally Vyacheslav Grinko. Lortkipanidze, with his loyal officers, had done multiple favors and requests for Nikoladze and his allies during this time. This included taking in people for questioning, all the while physically interrogating them (with many of them dying), without the intent of actually questioning them. During this time, undercover CIA special agent Alice Madison had successfully infiltrated Kombayn Nikoladze's cabinet, but was somehow ousted by Nikoladze. Madison was killed, and her body was moved to the morgue with the help of Lortkipanidze. Her subdermal implant was removed in the morgue and recovered by Grinko. After CIA special agent Robert Blaustein was sent in to find Madison, he was soon found and killed as well, with his body moved to the morgue along with Madison's. His subdermal was removed too, with Lortkipanidze helping with these special arrangements.

Profile Edit

Lortkipanidze was a cruel individual who would take drastic measures to ensure that his officers obeyed him (with his men willing to threaten physical force on other officers who would question Lortkipanidze). Lortkipanidze used his police force to harass and terrorize the civilians in T'blisi Old Town, with many aware of the police force's crookedness.

Trivia Edit

  • Lortkipanidze's office can be found in the Precinct's station, located right next to the security monitoring room on the top floor of the building.
  • Lortkipanidze doesn't seem to actually appear in the game itself, leaving his fate largely unknown.
  • A couple of data sticks suggest Lortkipanidze was promoted to colonel with the Georgian Ministry of Defense colonels, however another data stick found in the CIA mission which is set two weeks later refers to Lortkipanidze as a Sergeant. Data sticks and E-mails in the Splinter Cell series are often inconsistent.
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