The RSS Rublev

The RSS Rublev was a Republic of Singapore oil tanker merchant ship that the American terrorist group, John Brown's Army (JBA), successfully seized during the Red Mercury Plot in 2008. During it's capture, the RSS Rublev was located in the Sea of Okhotsk located in eastern Russia when it was captured by the JBA. It is unknown what happened to it afterward.

History Edit

Sam In RSS Rublev

Double agent Sam Fisher hides from the RSS Rublev's captain, who threatens to blow up the ship to prevent capture of the vessel.

2008: Red Mercury Plot Edit

Version 1 Edit

In 2008, after being welcomed into the JBA, Emile gives Sam his first assignment, which is to capture a supertanker. Sam parachutes from a plane into a clearing where he gets his equipment organized before jumping into the water. He swims to a camp where he sabotages the generators, detonates charges throughout the camp and then carries on to the supertanker. Upon reaching the ship, Moss orders Sam to take out the whole crew so that Massoud Ibn-Yussif can take over the ship. Sam makes his way to the stern and begins clearing the ship, take down can be either lethal or non-lethal. Soon Enrica orders Sam to disable the antenna's communications. He makes his way to the antenna while continuing to clear the ship and contacts Lambert before disabling communications. Clearing the ship, he makes his way to the ventilation room to place a gas grenade inside the ship's ventilation system. He then reaches the command bridge where he finds the Captain. Moss orders Sam to kill the Captain as well. Sam follows the Captain to the bow and into the boiler room, killing the remains of the crew along the way. Moss soon finds out that the Captain intends to sink the ship and orders him to kill the captain ASAP. The only way to deal with him is by up close and personal, anything else he will burn the fuel tank and the supertanker will blow up. Sam does so and extracts by Mi-8 on the helipad and heads for Shanghai. Later the RSS Rublev was used by Massoud to move the Red Mercury.

Version 2 Edit

Following the mission in Cozumel, Emile sends Fisher to capture the ship, which is operated by a group of smugglers who operate as merchants. Emile orders Fisher to disable the communications around the ship, so as to prevent any interference from the shore, as well as kill the smugglers. Lambert, however, issues Sam orders to only knock out the smugglers, as well as finding a blueprint to discover the encryption in the mercenaries communications. After boarding the ship, Fisher is given additional orders by Lambert to place a tracking device in the ship's communications rooms, as well as examine the cargo. While ordered by Emile to secure the captain, the captain declares to Sam that he has hidden four bombs in the engine room to prevent the ship's capture. Sam is able to secure the bomb's, as well as the ship after securing it's control room. The ship was summarily delivered to Massoud Ibn-Yussif, a JBA ally, for which he intended to detonate three Red Mercury devices on board in Los Angeles harbor, at the same time as the JBA's bombing's of Nashville and New York. Within distance of Los Angeles, the coast guard orders the ship to halt for inspectiong, which promted Massoud's men to begein the countdown of the bombs. The ship is covertly infiltrated by a Splinter Cell double team, who were able to successfully plant EMP charges on the crates containing the Red Mercury before detonation. 

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  • The RSS Rublev could possibly be named after Andrei Rublev, a renown, medieval Russian painter.
  • The "RSS" represents the Republic of Singapore and identifies Singapore water vessels.
  • In Version 1, killing is not necessary, knock out counts towards the objective. In fact, killing on Hard difficulty can have a severe impact to the outcome of the mission, the player will get about -200 to ~ -300% of mission rating.
  • In Version 2, after the player infiltrates the ship, but before meeting the captain, it is possible to sticky shocked by the guards and capture, in a fashion similar to the Kokubo Sosho level of Chaos Theory.
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