The Punta Blanco Lighthouse is a location outside Talara, Peru. It appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory as the location for the first mission in the game.



The lighthouse and surrounding fort are a Spanish colonial fortification that seems to have been used for smuggling at some point before 2007. There is a cave formation under the fort featuring natural and semi-natural formations, as well as a wooden bridge connected in one of the cave areas. There are multiple rooms set up with stone brick walls connecting the inner cellar-type rooms with damaged

2007: Cyber Attacks of 2007Edit

At some point either before or during 2007, the lighthouse and surrounding fort were occupied by the People's Voice. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher had sneaked into the fort to find and rescue Bruce Morgenholt.


Underground Cave/FortEdit

The underground cave was used as a smuggling route prior to 2007, although it's never revealed what the smuggling was of, exactly. The cave can be accessed through a small opening and crawl through a crevice.


The lighthouse is located across a wooden bridge from the land the Spanish colonial fort is located at. Inside, located at the base, is a radio set up for communications with nearby ships that the People's Voice members had set up to route their ships and other vessels nearby.

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