Private Estate is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher infiltrates a private estate to find and question Reza Nouri for information regarding the Blacklist Attacks initiated by The Engineers.

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While on the C-147B Paladin, Anna Grímsdóttir manages to ping a dozen emails coming from a arms dealer named Reza Nouri after sending out a fake email in which she states that Andriy Kobin turned into an informant. This information causes the most activity with the name "Reza Nouri". Kobin reveals that he knows Nouri, and that he is an old associate he worked with on the black market. Once asked if he knows anything else, Kobin says that he may know the guy who helped design much of the security measures in the estate. Sam Fisher deploys near the private estate, and moves through the jungle as the moon illuminates his surroundings.

He nears the cliff edge and is told that he'll need to cause a panic to force Nouri into fleeing to his panic room. Fisher rappels down the base of the cliff and infiltrates the outer tennis yard, making his way past the garage and into the security room. Once he makes it there, he spots Nouri and one of his men on the security camera. Fisher looks on his OPSAT and finds that the higher source of power is coming from a small building across the property. Fisher finally makes it to the building where he is able to deploy the Tri-Rotor, which navigates through the small crawl spaces and into a small room where the central power box was located. With one detonation, the power box is destroyed and the entire property goes on alert.

Reza Nouri is immediately escorted to his panic room as all of his men are alerted to an intruder on the premises. Armed guards and Guard Dogs soon swarm the estate as red flares are tossed around the environment, illuminated much of the route. Fisher gets through them and enters the interior of the estate's main building, with armed men with flashlights searching each room. Fisher makes it to the top floor as he breaches the floor and into the panic room below, where Nouri was hiding. Fisher asks him what he knows about The Blacklist, but Nouri dances around the question. On the security feed, they both see Iranian Special Forces with high-tech equipment enter the grounds from a van. Fisher threatens to leave him for the Special Forces soldiers to kill Nouri, causing Nouri to budge. Nouri reveals to Fisher that he supplied The Engineers with soldiers - men who would be willing to work for them. Fisher states that he needs names, to which Nouri says that he has a flash drive with all their names on it. Nouri tells him that he can give it to him if he can escort him to one of his secret passageways inside of the estate. Fisher complies, and defends Nouri from the Special Forces that have already breached the building. Sam escorts Nouri to a boat located at the docks and uploads the flashdrive for Charlie Cole to analyze as the Iranian Special Forces begin firing at them. They get the information and Fisher drives the boat away from the dock for extraction.

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  • If none of Nouri's men are touched before breaching into Nouri's panic room, they will not appear in the next section as the Iranian Special Forces arrive. No bodies or even any sign of Nouri's men are present, strangely enough.

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