Were you looking for the Splinter Cell: Conviction level, Price Airfield?

Price Airfield is an aerodome located in Old Tavern, Virginia in the United States of America. It was used by a private military company (PMC) named Black Arrow in 2011 during the events of the Third Echelon Conspiracy.


2011: Third Echelon ConspiracyEdit

At some time in 2011, ex-Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher was captured by Third Echelon Splinter Cell agents at Andriy Kobin's mansion in Valetta, Malta as they were following Third Echelon director Tom Reed's orders. He was transported by a cargo plane bound for the aerodome where he was going to be interrogated regarding information Reed thought he knew of the Third Echelon Conspiracy. Fisher was delivered to one of the rooms where Black Arrow mercenaries were tasked with interrogating Fisher to find out what he may know. Anna Grímsdóttir, who was working undercover for President Caldwell, was able to free Fisher and provide him with a means to escape the aerodome. But before he could flee the aerodome, Grímsdóttir notified Fisher that Black Arrow had a helicopter stashed in the hanger next door that he could sabotage using C-4s, disrupting their ability to follow him. Additionally, Black Arrow had a satellite dish set up near the airstrip: Fisher had to destroy it to disrupt their communications as well, seriously crippling their operations at Price Airfield. Fisher was able to plant the C-4s and crippled Black Arrow as he reached the parking lot before using Grím's car to escape the area.


  • Beside a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that Sam has to destroy, there are several tarmacs housing F-16C Fighting Falcons, presumably owned by Black Arrow as well.
    • Black Arrow also has numerous Humvees and military trucks set up around the aerodome. Unsurprisingly, there are also forklifts located around the aerodome, first one being the one located infront of the C-4 supply crate tent outside of the player's level starting point.
  • The room Fisher was held in seems to be a makeshift interrogation room, when it's actually just a employee lounge area/locker room/office that had been set up (as evidenced by the various objects such as a desk and lockers seen around the room). The room was likely pieced together after Fisher was captured.
  • This location, and the events caused by Fisher here, are frequently cited by various Black Arrow members through out the single player of Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • Despite being encountered the previous mission, Tom Reed's Splinter Cell operatives are not encountered in this level. In fact, they are not encountered until a much later level involving the Third Echelon Headquarters.
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