Were you looking for the Price Airfield (location), the setting this level takes place?

"They needed him docile when they offloaded him at their private airstrip up in the Blue Ridge. Because if they hadn't, he would have taken that place apart with his bare hands."
Victor Coste to Black Arrow during an interrogation.

Price Airfield is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Now drugged and coming in and out of consciousness, ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is captured by Splinter Cell agents and is transported to Price Airfield by Black Arrow operatives to meet with Third Echelon director Tom Reed.

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Mission Overview[edit | edit source]

Sam Fisher was transported to Price Airfield by a cargo plane, from Malta to Old Tavern, Virginia. Oscar Laboy, the owner of the cargo plane, complains to Black Arrow officers Jeremy Prentiss and Shawn Robertson about the gas money it took to transport the 'cargo'. Prentiss tells Oscar to complain to Third Echelon Director Tom Reed once they meet with him. Sam is taken into a secure room in one of the hangers where they meet Reed. Oscar tells Reed that the fuel cost to transport the cargo was expensive, to which Reed replies by shooting and killing Oscar immediately with his P228. Reed tells Prentiss and Robertson to get their Black Arrow men ready and they both leave. Reed leaves Anna Grímsdóttir and a Black Arrow officer in the room to interrogate Sam and then leaves. The Black Arrow officer takes out a syringe and walks over to Sam only to be shot and killed in the back by Grim.

Grim hands Fisher an Mk.23.

Grímsdóttir frees the restraints from Sam and explains to Sam that she is working undercover from President Patricia Caldwell as a mole in Third Echelon to expose Reed. Grím explains to Sam that she can't allow Reed to get suspicious so Sam has to hit her to make it look good; Fisher complies and hits Grim. After a second she says that that should be enough, and gives Sam the keys to her car but Black Arrow has a Black Hawk stored in one of their hangers. If Sam leaves in the car, they'll just chase him down and blow him off the road with the chopper. Grímsdóttir tells Sam that there is some C-4 nearby, he can plant it on the Black Hawk and head to the parking lot. Sam asks Grím if he gets a gun and she hands him her MK.23 telling him to just "point it at the right people." Sam grabs the handgun and replies, "Oh, I will" before leaving the room.

Sam exited the room and sneaked out of the hanger, neutralizing three Black Arrow guards as he nears a small table with a case of C-4 on it. Fisher grabs two C-4s from the case, and confirms to Grím that he's obtained the C-4 explosives. Grím notifies him that the parked helicopter is located in the nearby hanger. Sam moves into the hanger, eliminated any resisting Black Arrow guards, and plants it onto the helicopter. He then navigated his route towards the barracks and deactivated the power grid, shutting off the power to much of the airfield. Sam set up the last C-4 he was carrying onto the satellite dish just outside one of the hanger areas. Sam made it to the parking lot and detonated both the C-4s that he planted, effectively destroying the Price Airfield and severely damaging Black Arrow forces.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the starting cutscene of the mission where Tom Reed talks to the rest of his people, a 'projection image' of Grim shooting someone in an apparent 'flashback image' is shown on the lockers in the room. It is currently unknown who the person she is seen shooting is, although Tom Reed references a previous interrogation that became 'messy', possibly meaning she interrogated someone and killed them.
  • Price Airfield, and what Sam (the player) did here, is frequently referenced by Black Arrow mercenaries throughout the Splinter Cell: Conviction campaign. Enemies will frequently say things like, "I had friends at the airfield, Fisher!"
  • Tom Reed makes his first appearance in Splinter Cell: Conviction here in this level, however he doesn't appear during the gameplay sequences.
  • The lights in the hanger buildings near the satellite dish can be shot before they are turned on after the player attaches the C-4 to the communications dish. This can make things a little easier when trying to sneak by or take out the Black Arrow operatives investigating the area.
  • Two guards at the beginning of the mission (before the player gets the C-4) can be overheard having a conversation about Fisher. One of them mentions something about an operation in Indonesia, a reference to Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
  • In the helicopter hanger, in the small room near the guard on the computer, there is a newspaper which features Sam's mug shot from Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  • Throughout the level there are power generators which have labels "SMD: Ducosto, Leeuwarden, Holland." These same labels can be found in the Abstergo building in Ubisoft's 2013 game Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.
  • There is a glitch that can be triggered at the start of the level, where if the player mashes the melee button whilst the cutscene with Grim is ending (as she hands him her gun and tells him to point it at the right people), Sam will grab Grim and be able to "interrogate" her. As this is a glitch, Grim will never speak and the player cannot release her but will be forced to either restart the level or beat up Grim for all eternity.

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