"Fisher. The sun's down. Time to go to work."
Irving Lambert to Sam Fisher.

Police Station is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. In this mission, Sam Fisher investigates the mysterious disappearances of two CIA agents, Alison Madison and Robert Blaustein in Tbilisi Old Town in Tbilisi, Georgia. CIA agent Alison Madison, who had been working in the Georgian political arena for two years secured a role in President Kombayn Nikoladze's cabinet after he achieved a 'bloodless coup d'etat.' She suddenly disappeared on October 3rd, and on the 7th of October, Special Agent Robert Blaustein was sent in to find her. On October 11th, he had also mysteriously vanished.


Locate CIA agents Blaustein and Madison.

Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian political arena for two years, securing a role in President Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'etat. She vanished on October 3rd. On October 7th, Special Agent Robert Blaustein was sent to find her. He vanished on October 11th.

Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian political arena for two years, securing a role in President Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'etat. Special Agent Robert Blaustein was also in Georgia. They both vanished on October 11th.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Touching the street will result in Mission Failure.
  • Killing civilians will result in Mission Failure.
  • Rendezvous with local NSA informant Thomas Gurgenidze for information on Blaustein's area of operation.
  • Find the black box hidden in Blaustein's apartment.
  • Find Gurgenisze's dead drop in Morevi square to figure out how to get into the Police Precinct.
  • Use the info in Gurgenidze's computer to gain access to the Police Precinct.
  • Locate Agent Blaustein in the Police Precinct.
  • Access the Police Precinct's security surveillance system.
  • Meet Junior Wilkes in front of the Police Precinct for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • Blaustein's apartment is East of Morevi Square.
  • Information about the police station is hidden in the bushes of Morevi Square.
  • The code for Blaustein's balcony door is 091772.
  • The door code for the precinct basement is 5929.
  • The police station surveillance room is on the top floor.
  • Vyacheslav Grinko's license plate number is 84 KP 214.

Alarm threshold Edit

  • Entire mission has an absolute limit of 3 alerts.

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Police Station

Mission OverviewEdit

Grim Headset Sam

Grim Testing Sam's Headset

Grim checks Sam Fisher's headset and then attempts to contact Irving Lambert to see if the implant is working.

Sam Fisher's first official mission as a Splinter Cell is to track down two CIA field operatives, Alice Madison and Robert Blaustein, who mysteriously vanished while investigating illegal activities being undertaken by Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze. Fisher starts the mission in a civilian apartment complex courtyard at night as Irving Lambert contacts Fisher through his subdermal implants, stating that it's dark, meaning it's time to get to work. Fisher's first objective is to make contact with a CIA informant, Thomas Gurgenidze, in a warehouse not far from his infiltration point. Fisher makes his way up a ladder and crawls through a ventilation area, then makes his way up a pipe to a ledge that oversees the warehouse. Fisher sees the warehouse on fire as three mercenaries run out and take off in a van.


Fisher takes hold of a zip line and reaches the burning building to find Gurgenidze before it's too late.

Fisher grabs hold of a zip line and rides it into an open window on the side of the building as Anna Grímsdóttir pulls up the schematics of the warehouse to help guide him through. He navigates his way through the burning hallways and around a few staircases, eventually pushing through to the room where Gurgenidze should be. Fisher finds Gurgenidze still alive near the center of the room, laying on the ground with debris on his legs as the room is on fire. Gurgenidze insists that Fisher not bother to try to extract him for medical attention, but reveals to Fisher where to find Blaustein's black box to his subdermals is located. Gurgenidze tells Fisher to head to Blaustein's safehouse to find the black box; he attempts to tell Gurgenidze what Madison uncovered, but dies. Lambert tells Fisher to leave the body because it'll be "less to explain to his family."


Fisher finds the hidden computer behind a painting in Blaustein's bedroom.

Fisher escaped the burning warehouse, he then made his way to Blaustein's safehouse. On arrival he discovers that mercenaries are already searching the safehouse. Overhearing one of the men's phone calls, the merc insists on talking to Vyacheslav Grinko and informs him that what electronics they have found have been taken to the "Ministry". Fisher made his way inside, evading or dealing with the mercenaries, navigating into Blaustein's bedroom. Lambert contacts Fisher and states that Blaustein's black box should be located behind a painting, if he's following standard agency tradecraft. Fisher slides the painting up, revealing Blaustein's computer hidden behind it. After quickly typing on the computer, Fisher recovered the data stick hidden behind. It turns out that Blautein was dead and that his last active position was at a police station a few blacks away.

Fisher continued on and traveled through the alleys of the Old Town. Lambert reveals that, judging from the police chatter, the police officers were "more crooked than a Virginia fence." Lambert gave the green light for Fifth Freedom, telling Fisher to "find those missing spooks." The cops being corrupt became very evident as when it was revealed that they were harassing civilians and making up charges to put on a drunk person sitting on a bench (implying they were going to beat him up). Eventually, Fisher came up to the rear gate to the police precinct, climbed over the wall, and prepared to conduct a search for the two agents inside the station.


Fisher finds the camera footage that captures Grinko's license plate number.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the station through the holding cells and sneaked into the morgue where he finds the bodies of CIA agents Blaustein and Madison, both killed. Their subdermals had been removed from their scalps, however, prompting Third Echelon to track the subdermals down to figure out what data they still may have contained. Fisher's then tasked to check security footage on the top floor. Once there Fisher accesses the footage and enables Third Echelon to find the guy responsible, also identifying his license plate. With all the needed intelligence secured, Fisher fled the scene with field runner Vernon Wilkes, Jr in a van that Wilkes pulled in front of the police station.

Transcript Edit


The bodies of agents Blaustein and Madison were located in the morgue of a T'Bilisi police precinct. Before being sent to Georgia, the agents had been outfitted with sub-dermal tracking implants. These implants were removed from their corpses and taken to the Georgian Ministry of Defense by a man named Vyacheslav Grinko.

Version 1 (Xbox/PC)Edit

  • There are two civilians on the balcony at the first part and no enemies are seen around the burning warehouse.
  • The room Grim asks Sam to cross is not blocked, and always collapses the first time it is entered.
  • Civilians appear at the second part.
  • There is an open space between the warehouse and safehouse, you must jump through it.
  • Kitchen and bathroom in Blaustein's safehouse appear regularly and are accessible. Also balcony is only closed by a keypad door and in addition, two trees at the output of the safehouse.
  • Civilians appear on balconies and in windows at the second part.
  • Killing the drunk civilian will still cause Lambert to lash out at the player.
  • There is a combination lock to the police station.
  • One of the cells has a prisoner inside and there is a window in the opposite room.
  • The door to the room with the TV is locked.
  • Computer programmer can be interrogated multiple times.
  • The medical kit in the morgue is next to the door, and the security camera is directly across.
  • There are rooms behind the computers.
  • The exit door is always accessible. However, Sam must approach the van once the main tasks are completed and there is no cutscene.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube)Edit

  • There is only one civilian on the balcony and one enemy who leaves the burning warehouse at the first part.
  • Grim does not ask to cross the room, because it is blocked and absent at the level.
  • There are no civilians at the second part.
  • There is a pipe between the warehouse and safehouse, you must use it.
  • Kitchen and bathroom in Blaustein's safehouse are absent and all things are arranged differently. Also balcony is closed by wall and in addition, only one tree at the output of safehouse.
  • There are no civilians on balconies and in the windows at the third part (and no some balconies with open windows).
  • Sam can kill drunk civilian and no one will tell him anything.
  • There is no combination lock to the police station.
  • No prisoner in the cell and the opposite room does not have a window.
  • The door to the room with the TV is not locked.
  • Computer programmer can not be interrogated twice.
  • The location of the camera and medical kit in the morgue are on the other side.
  • There are no rooms behind the computers.
  • The exit door will be blocked until the main tasks are completed. When you leave police station the cutscene is turned on.


  • 📌 Part 1 – 20:01 Hours
  • 👦 Number of civilians: 1, enemies: 1.
  • 💀 Killed civilians: Thomas Gurgenidze.
  • 📌 Part 2 – 20:28 Hours
  • 🍶 +1 Can (object, on the balcony).
  • 💻 +2 Computers (2 Data Stick, 2 Notes).
  • 💊 +1 Medical Kit (on the floor in the corridor).
  • 👦 Number of enemys: 2.
  • 📌 Part 3 – 21:02 Hours
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 4-step lock on the door.
  • 🍷 +3 Bottles (on the stairs next to the door, on the ground next to the garbage box and between the dustbins behind the metal latticed doors).
  • 💻 +1 Computer (1 Goal).
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on the table near to computer).
  • 💊 +2 Medical Kits (on the table and on the wall near to computer).
  • 💼 +1 Satchel (Data Stick from last policeman).
  • 👦 Number of civilians: 2, policemen: 4, enemies: 1.
  • 📌 Part 4 – 21:29 Hours
  • 💻 +2 Computers (2 Data Stick, 1 Note).
  • 🗣 Number of interrogated: 1 (сomputer programmer).
  • 💊 +1 Medical Kit (near the bodys).
  • 👦 Number of сomputer programmers: 1, policemen: 2.
  • 💀 Dead prisons: 1. Dead CIA Agents: Alice Madison, Robert Blaustein.
  • 📌 Part 5 – 22:06 Hours
  • 💻 +4 Computers (3 Data Stick, 1 Goal, 1 Note).
  • 💊 +1 Medical Kit (on the table near the computer on the first floor).
  • 👦 Number of civilians: 1, policemen: 4.
  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms – 0. The number of bullets fired from the pistol is 0.


  • In the starting cutscene, after Grim inserts the headset device into Sam, she attempts to contact Lambert through the device. The scene switches to Lambert's location and it shows the video feed of the V-22 Osprey on the screens infront of Lambert. It shows Grim behind Fisher in the cutscene, but in the camera feed she isn't there (additionally, another camera shows her not there while another one does). This is likely just an overlooked error from Ubisoft.
  • If the player alerts any civilians to his presence, they will report them to the police and, over the radio, Fisher can hear the precinct ordering a search for a 'heavily armed man' (which is Fisher). While one of the mercenaries tells one of his men to check it out, this doesn't really affect the gameplay.
    • Despite being described as "Heavily armed" Fisher is only carrying a pistol.
  • During the section where Fisher is in the burning warehouse, Grim mentions a "Darkstar drone" - this is an actual UAV series, the Lockheed Martin Darkstar drones.
  • It is possible to jump on the van that Grinko's mercenaries use to escape the burning warehouse, doing so will cause Fisher to die but a very weird audio glitch to trigger.
  • A prisoner in the police station cells appears to be deceased by the manner in which they are laying.
    • Another prisoner in the cells appears to be sleeping. He will not be effected if shot, bullets appear to pass right through him.
  • The technician in the morgue has two different interrogation lines depending on if you interrogate him before or after you find the CIA agent's bodies.
  • A tortured man's corpse can be found dead in a locked interrogation room on the second floor of the police precinct building.
    • The body appears to be one of Grinko's mercenaries.
    • A data stick from the police station implies that it could be the 'concierge' Philip Masse was talking about in an email, but it's never confirmed.
    • Another data stick has an email telling the officers to bring the concierge in for 'questioning.'
  • The van that Wilkes pulls up in at the end of the level has an image of a chicken or possibly Rayman on the side of it, a character from one of Ubisoft's other video game franchises (Xbox only).
  • The van can be seen a short distance away from the police station if you go outside before accessing the surveillance system upstairs.
  • The police officers seen in and around the police station also apparently appear at the Defense Ministry. These officers served as guards for the various wings of the building, however, and likely have no true connection with the officers of the precinct despite the unmistakable similarity of the character models.
  • The police officers in this level use the Makarov PM as their sidearm.
  • Conversations from data sticks show that Philip Masse stays at the Hotel Begurebi while in T'bilisi.



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