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Penthouse is the fourth single player level in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


Zherkezhi, a former associate of Morgenholt, may be working with someone known as Dvorak to gather classified intelligence about weaponized algorithms known as the Masse Kernels. Determine who Dvorak is, and what his relationship is to Zherkezhi.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Get to Zherkezhi's penthouse in the adjacent building.
  • Find out who the mercenaries work for.
  • Access Zherkhezi's server to determine who Dvorak is.
  • Locate Dvorak.
  • Retrieve a hardcopy output for a single Dvorak execution cycle.
  • Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Discover who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Tap the penthouse video cameras.

Bonus Objectives

  • Find the architectural plans


  • The National Guard is on our side, don't kill any of them.
  • The elevator is the only way to the helipad.
  • Zherkezhi's penthouse is the building to the west of the helipad.
  • There might be architectural plans somewhere in the construction area.
  • The mercenaries work for Displace International.
  • You can see the infared light projected by IR cameras with night vision.
  • The VIP protection leader is Milan Nedich.
  • The door code to Dvorak's room is 0280.
  • Dvorak is not a person. It's a computer.


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Mission OverviewEdit

The United States and Japan have been hit by a simultaneous cyber-attack by an unknown source, New York and the Northeast Corridor have been struck with a blackout while the entirety of Japan was in a total blackout. Third Echelon quickly sends in Sam Fisher to New York City to investigate leads from Abrahim Zherkezhi's penthouse. While this is going on, Irving Lambert talks with Admiral Toshiro Otomo about the situation at hand.

Sam arrives in New York City undetected by the black out. Lambert orders Sam that he cannot alarm any National Guardsman or civilian while in the area.

Sam soon enters a building that is across from a Penthouse, he soon reaches to the rooftop where he is able to infiltrate the penthouse undercover. Soon Sam makes a discovery that shocks Third Echelon, the mercenaries in the penthouse work for the VIP Protection of Displace International. Lambert tells Sam that if Douglas Shetland is behind this but is interrupted by Sam by telling him that he knows what to do about Douglas. Sam finds out that Zherkezhi was in solid contact with the MCAS Bank who was supporting Lacerda and heads to capture Zherkezhi but learns that Zherkezhi is gone but Dvorak is next door and heads out to learn Dvorak's identity. On the way Sam discovers that the VIP Protection leader is Milan Nedich.

William Redding asks Sam if he could place taps on the camera's to watch the penthouse, Sam quickly finds a sealed door that became unlocked by him. He quickly enters to the next area where is an abandoned apartment building. Mercenaries are dug in who they seem to protect an old man. Sam quickly discovers that the old man is in charge of maintenance with a computer called "Dvorak". Sam produces an output from Dvorak and extracts the penthouse. He then heads to Displace to find out if Shetland is involved as well or just Nedich.

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  • In the cutscene where the blackout occurs in both Japan and New York, in the second location there is a Zeppelin with the Ubisoft logo.
  • If Sam interrogates one of the indoors national guards, they will think it is just a training exercise and Sam will make fun of it.
  • The lit up advertisement on the rooftops before the zipline is missing on the PS3 HD version, making it easier to get by undetected.
  • TVs in the level show advertisements for the previous game Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
    • One particular in the living room of Zerkhezi's Penthouse will also play the Saulnier Cryogenics lab music.
    • There are also gamer magazines with Splinter Cell images on the cover.
  • Sam can get an output stack from Dvorak by himself or with help from the old man.
    • If the player starts to get a output stack from Dvorak without talking to the old man, Sam will say he's seen this machine before and knows what to do.
    • In the console versions of the game, sometimes being spotted by the old man will trigger an alarm, knocking him out without him seeing you or throwing in a smoke grenade to mask your position (for those wanting to complete the game with as few knockouts as possible) is the only way to achieve 100% mission completion.
    • If Sam talks to the old man he will help him get the output stack.
    • If Sam kills or knocks out the old man he must get the output stack by himself.
    • If Sam gets the sequence wrong or takes too long, he will be forced to restart. A beeping sound can be heard when this occurs. The old man will say "Whoopsie. Tubes overheated. Better restart from the top there, chum." However, this will not affect the player's mission score.
    • For some reason killing the old man does not count as killing a civilian.
  • When you shoot anywhere around the old man in the level, he will refuse to help on recovering the Dvorak.
  • In the 2004 demo at E3, the room with the Dvorak has 4 guards watching a TV instead of the old man.
  • A Frag Grenade can be found on a table in the abandon apartment close to Dvorak.
  • This is the first mission in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory where wall mines appear.
  • This mission is also featured as a flashback mission in Splinter Cell: Essentials. The layout of the mission is different and is more based off the PS2 version, the guards patrol different routes and the objectives are easier because Sam can shutdown the security camera system.
    • Sam does not encounter Dvorak's handler but instead more Displace personnel that guard it and must perform a hack instead to switching the stacks in order. Also there is different dialogue occurring once he gets access. Sam also extract via helicopter as opposed to exiting via Elevator in Chaos Theory.
    • In addition, the Displace personnel guarding the Penthouse are wearing suits instead of tactical gear as opposed to Chaos Theory.



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