"Gentlemen, the Blacklist is real. Rogue intel agencies like Third Echelon are the problem here, not the solution. I want every single operation related to them grounded and gutted, now! I'm shutting Third Echelon down, effective immediately."
― Patricia Caldwell orders the termination of Third Echelon.

Patricia Caldwell is the first female President of the United States, in office from at least 2011 to 2013, serving two terms. She succeeded former President David Bowers.


America's first female President, Patricia Caldwell was elected on a platform of bipartisan cooperation and disentanglement from pointless foreign conflicts. This has made her powerful enemies, from the corridors of power in Washington to the shadowy boardrooms of multinational corporations. Steadfast in her beliefs even when it would be easier to back down, Caldwell relies on a core team of people she can trust absolutely.[1]

2011: Third Echelon ConspiracyEdit

President Caldwell's belief that Third Echelon had outlived its usefulness and her refusal to cooperate with Megiddo made her a target of Third Echelon's Director and Megiddo mole Tom Reed. He plotted to have her assassinated and succeeded by her Vice President, Calvin Samson, by staging a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C. with the stolen Russian EMP technology and using the downtime to storm the White House with a large force of Black Arrow mercenaries, Splinter Cells and security forces from Third Echelon. When Reed learned that Sam Fisher knew of the conspiracy, he adapted his plan to involve framing Sam for the assassination and then having Sam shot to death as he attempted to flee. This plot was ultimately foiled by Sam with help from Anna Grímsdóttir, who was acting as a mole inside Third Echelon for President Caldwell. Just before Reed was killed, U.S. Army soldiers retook control of the White House, rescuing the President and demanding Sam to lower his weapon aimed at Reed. President Caldwell, however, not-so-subtly ordered the soldiers to stand down by claiming "there's nobody here but us," as it was clear to her that Sam had a personal vendetta to resolve with Reed.

2013: 2 Years Later, Blacklist AttacksEdit


Caldwell in Blacklist

In the aftermath of the conspiracy, President Caldwell was re-elected and cracked down on rogue intel agencies such as Third Echelon, deeming them a major threat to the American people. Upon this, she swiftly disbanded Third Echelon, authorizing the establishment of Fourth Echelon under the direction of Sam Fisher.

She also gave him Fifth Freedom, a broad mandate to do what is necessary to protect the country. After the team uncovered evidence, she ordered Navy SEAL teams to attack the Engineers' bases, but her troops were all killed. Later, as the situation came to a head, she and her staff evacuated to a secure bunker called Site F in Denver International Airport. They were captured by Majid Sadiq and Caldwell ordered them to stand down. Fisher overruled her and rescued them.

She later held a press conference declaring the crisis is over and that Sadiq had been killed, though he had been extradited to a secure location by Fisher.


  • In the last mission of Splinter Cell: Conviction, White House, Patricia Caldwell is referred to by the U.S. Army soldiers sent to retrieve her as 'POTUS'. *POTUS is an acronym for "President Of The United States."
  • Patricia Caldwell bears a striking resemblance to Hillary Clinton, especially in Blacklist. Whether Ubisoft Toronto intended it or not is unknown.
  • It is confirmed through dialogue between construction workers in the Lincoln Memorial level in Splinter Cell: Conviction that Caldwell is in the Democratic Party, along with her former Vice President Calvin Samson.
  • Caldwell is first heard in the Lincoln Memorial, who has ordered secret service to grant Sam access to the site where Tom Reed and Lucius Galliard meet.



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