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"Stay hidden and don't make a noise."
Norman Soth to Sam Fisher

Paris-Nice is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher on a train to investigate Norman Soth to identify if he's an agency asset or an enemy.

Briefing Edit

CIA-Trained operative Norman Soth has been located on a southbound Hespiria Railways train, accompanied by a squad of French/Syrian mercenaries.

Locate and question Soth in order to determine his status as an enemy or friendly operative.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

  • Locate and question Norman Soth.
  • Do not kill Soth.
  • Laser mic Soth's phone call.
  • Reach the Osprey on the roof for extraction.

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Data Edit

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Mission Overview Edit


During his mission in Paris, Sam Fisher identified undercover CIA Agent Norman Soth as the leader of a terrorist raid against the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab, where his men murdered the staff and stole a valuable device needed for a larger operation in Indonesia. It was discovered that Soth was traveling to Nice under the alias Johnathan Poindexter via Hesperia Railways. Needing to know if Soth was an Agency asset or not, Third Echelon sent Fisher to infiltrate the train carrying Soth. Sam deployed on to the high-speed train from above with the help of the Osprey. Irving Lambert did not grant Sam the Fifth Freedom, only non-lethal tactics due to the large number of civilians on board. Sam was also ordered not to alert the mercenaries aboard the train in fear that Norman Soth would leave the train without knowing if he was a friendly operative.


Sam meeting Norman Soth

Fisher navigated towards the train car that Norman Soth is staying in; his path took him beneath one of the train cars, and on the side of the passenger cart where some of Norman Soth's mercenaries were currently residing in. Fisher was able to enter into the passenger cart that Norman Soth was located in, both Lambert and Dermot Brunton hinted to Fisher that Soth wears a prosthetic - which should be noticed using Thermal vision in his goggles. Fisher searches each of the cabins and is then finally able to locate Soth: one of his legs shows a cooler temperature than the other, revealing his prosthetic. Fisher enters the room as Soth is sleeping and wakes him up, asking him if he's undercover, currently working for the agency as an undercover agent. Soth states that he is, and to confirm the story, Fisher asks him who his handler is. Soth states that Clifton Finch is his handler. Suddenly, a knock on the door from one of Soth's allies tells him that he's got a phone call. Soth tells Fisher to 'stay hidden, and don't make a noise.'


Fisher uses the Laser Microphone to record the conversation between Norman Soth and Suhadi Sadono.

As Soth exits the cabin, Fisher asks Lambert if he was lying about his handler, and Lambert confirms that Soth was indeed lying, and that Clifton Finch has been on sick leave. Lambert told Fisher to hack his laptop and trail Soth to the bar located in the next train cart. Fisher does so, and eventually hides in the bar booth, covertly recording the phone conversation between Soth and Suhadi Sadono. Fisher records the conversation using his Laser Microphone device while still remaining hidden from the guards in the cart. To assist Suhadi Sadono's cause, it is revealed that Norman Soth intended to travel to Jerusalem, Isreal as the next plan of operation. Soth, knowing that he was trailed by a US agent, tells Sadono that he can't discuss anymore because he thinks he's been trailed. After the phone call, Norman Soth left the train cart and headed towards the back of the train. With his objectives complete, Fisher attempts to escape the train by heading towards the front of the railway train but is notified that his presence is now known by Soth's mercenaries. Fisher asks Lambert what his ROE (Rules of Engagement) is, to which Lambert tells him that any means necessary to escape.

Fisher climbs up a ladder and makes it to the top of the train, but is surprised to find a helicopter flying beside the train and firing down at him from above. Fisher runs toward the back of the train as the V-22 Osprey closes in and begins to open fire on the mercenary helicopter. Fisher jumps onto the rope as the enemy helicopter is damaged, loses control, and crashes in the countryside. With this information, Fisher was set for a course to Jerusalem where the next mission was set to begin. Due to the mysterious nature of the incident, the United Nations launched an investigation into what occurred on Hesperia Railways.

Transcript Edit

Main article: Paris-Nice/Transcript


Intelligence gathered from Soth's laptop referenced a potentially lethal 'Springfield Demonstration', a potential terrorist event intended for an American target. Soth was allowed to continue onwards towards Jerusalem.

Version 2 (PS2, GameCube) Edit

  • There are a few cans on the level, but they can not be used as objects.
  • The door in the machinist's cab of an electric train without glass. You can not see the machinists as in PC version.

Statistics Edit

  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms - 0. Killed - 0.
  • 💼 +4 satchel (data stick from first controller, from two guards with the same data stick, and from last guard).
  • 💊 1 Medical Kit (at the beginning of the train).
  • 🗣 Number of interrogated (without Norman Sot): 1.
  • 👦 Number of stunned (without Norman Sot): 4.
    • Civilians of stunned (or not stunned): 7.

Version 3 (Essentials) Edit

  • The version completely identical with PS2 but Sam has a knife.
  • There is a glitch in Essentials version that Soth will find out the player is on the train even when the guards are unaware of player's existence, leading to mission failure. The way to fix it is to never touch the guards, and use the route outside of the train; also, use snake cam often and only come out when there is no one in the corridor.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is actually fairly short, perhaps one of the shortest levels in the Splinter Cell series as the main objectives are to talk to Soth, then record his phone call with Sadono.
  • In the cut scene where Coen ask's Sam's opinion on Soth, he replies with the phrase: "The world is small, nasty and complicated, and everybody dies alone." This is one of Fisher's deep quotes which is used in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Echoes. An exact scene shows where he infiltrates the train.
  • This is the first level that a dog appears in-game in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The dog is located inside of the last cart, inside of a crate located where much of the luggage and cargo is stored, however, unlike the other dogs in this game, it does not pose any threat to the player.
  • The player is not allowed to use lethal attack until the phone tap is complete.
  • The level makes a return in Splinter Cell: Essentials as the first bonus mission.
  • This is the first level in the Splinter Cell series to take place on a train.
  • There are two ways the player can move through the train carts during the second 'section' (where Norman Soth's men are in the cabins). The player can mess with the light switch to disabled the lights, and slip by, or the player and unlock the doors and move through the side of the train cart.
    • Turning the light switch on and off repeatedly will cause it to break, thus attracting the attention from the guards.
  • Magazines with another Ubisoft franchise, Prince Of Persia, featured on the front are found on the train.



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