"Fix this, Paco. Fix that, Paco."
― Paco talking to himself[src]
Paco was a Panamanian security guard working for the MCAS Banco de Panama in 2007.

Biography Edit

2007: East Asian Crisis Edit

"Oh no, a robber! Please, don't hurt Paco!"
― Paco after Sam Fisher grabs him.
On the 28th of June, 2007, Paco, along with a number of other Panamanian security guards, had a late shift at the MCAS Banco de Panama during Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher's infiltration into the bank, sent by Third Echelon. While Paco attempted to repair a keypad lock to an office in the west wing of the bank, Sam Fisher grabbed him and interrogated him for information. Fisher asked Paco what the code was to the door, but Paco explained that the keypad lock was broken, and that he needs to call the security company to come fix it. Fisher asked Paco if there was another way into the office, to which Paco laughed and related to Fisher that he'd have to be a mouse in order to get through the air vents.

Trivia Edit

  • Paco shares the same character model and voice as Emilio, who patrols the front of the courtyard in front of the MCAS Banco de Panama.
  • Judging by his dialogue, Paco seems to be the commonly called person when something 'technical' needs to be fixed.
  • Paco refers to himself in third-person.
  • After disabling the fan in the upper floor of the Bank, guards would talk about calling Paco to fix the air fan.
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