OCP device

Optically Channeled Potentiator or OCP.

The Optically Channeled Potentiator, commonly known as the OCP, is a prototype device attached to the Picatinny rail system of the SC Pistol. The device is used to temporarily disable electricity-based devices for a short time.


It releases a small charge that can temporarily and silently disable electronic devices such as computers, security cameras, lasers, generators, lights, etc., and is thus useful for luring or distracting guards. When the OCP is used, a light will flash on the side of the pistol (not visible to NPC). If it is green the OCP successfully disabled the target; if it turns red, it missed or failed. After firing it begins recharging and can't be used until the battery meter is full again.


Although the OCP is silent, the electronic device it affects will make noise and attract enemy guards, if they are close to the effected device, the guard might even be alerted and begin to search the player; or worse, if the enemy guard is already suspicious about your presence this will result in an alarm. Not all electronic devices in game can be affected by OCP, but if it will, the player will have a 15 second window in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, 20 seconds in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (version 1). However, OCP's duration effect and reloading time are affected by difficulty: on lower difficulties, it'll last shorter and charge for longer, while on higher difficulties, its effects will last longer and will charge faster.

In co-op mode, the OCP functions differently; it requires coordination between the players. The button has to be held down for the effect to be maintained. One player disables the security device while the other moves past. After which, the other player does the same. The operation is essentially identical to Camera Jammer in Pandora Tomorrow


  • The OCP can be used to temporarily disable the North Korean UAVs in the "Seoul" level of Chaos Theory, despite the light on the side of the pistol flashing red.
  • Against turrets in Chaos Theory, the player has to target OCP the computer near it rather than turret itself.
  • While at range, use EMF vision from the goggles to see if the OCP is in effect or not, the affected device will light out.
  • In console version of the Chaos Theory, the OCP can be used to temporary disable North Korean Tank.
  • The OCP can be upgraded to have less charging time in Double Agent.
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