Optical Cable Device

The Optic Cable (also known as Snake Camera) is a device used by Third Echelon, Fourth Echelon and Voron operatives.


The Optic Cable is used to peek under doors for the purposes of scouting ahead without being exposed to potential enemies on the other side.

In Splinter Cell, the Optic Cable is automatically switched to night vision mode when looking through it under doors. In Pandora Tomorrow, the player is able to switch between normal, night vision and thermal vision when looking under doors. Chaos Theory and Double Agent have the same features and also allows the player to switch to EMF vision, The optic cable seems to integrated into the goggles.

In Conviction, the Optic cable is now stand-alone equipment, since Sam does not have the OPSAT, replacing mirror as tool to peek under the door. Interestingly, the 3E and Voron operators use the identical gear.

In Blacklist, it has a zoom function from 2x to 4x and is able to distract enemies by emitting clicking sounds.


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