Data Stick 1[edit | edit source]

Sent: 23/10/2004 11:52
Subject: Safe and Healthy

Sis- Just a quick note to let you know I'm okay. I don't know when I'll be home and I can't say where I am now, but I think of you and mom all the time. The whole army is splintering, breaking into smaller mobile units. Half of the guys I'm working with are mercenaries. They're sure as hell tough, but I'm not sure that I can trust them. I can say at least this: I'm still on Georgian soil. We actually saw Nikoladze three days ago. Brilliant, brilliant man. I can't help but feel like we might actually have a chance against the Americans. A year ago I wouldn't have said it was possible, but now… I'm due back on patrol, gotta run. But know that you're always in my heart and mind.


Data Stick 2[edit | edit source]

Sent: 26/10/2004 01:34
Subject: pigs

It's unreal to think of what's coming, especially living here. They're so arrogant, so secure. It's amazing to see the way the war is treated on the news here. So different from what I hear from you. The U.S. media (no doubt under the thumb of the government) is determined to call every American death in Georgia the result of friendly fire. As if somehow that's more palatable. I can't understand it at all. I am eager to begin this.

Data Stick 3[edit | edit source]

From: Colonel Amiran Urushadze
Sent: 26/10/2004 01:34
Subject: microwaves


the second leg of travel for both of my platoons is secure, we should arrive on sight at least ten hours ahead of schedule. They're outfitted for winter operations and moral is high. As requested, I've got tech people scouring for microwave relays and they've come up with many, many options. Communications should not pose a problem.


Colonel Amiran Urushadze

Data Stick 4[edit | edit source]

To: Philip Masse
Sent: 26/10/2004 02:56
Subject: Red Bear

Mr. Masse,

Red Bear is ready to launch, the backup generator proved to be no trouble at all. We'll only need two men on site, and both are already in place (one sympathetic local, one naturalized Georgian.) Pavel is working on the train, says we're a day away from 'Go' but I'd give him two. The whole team is very excited, we think this is going to work.

- K M

Data Stick 5[edit | edit source]

From: Lionel
To: Tim
Sent: 26/10/2004 12:11
Subject: To the Sea


I might be going into actual combat tomorrow, but who knows. I've spent this past week sifting through the garbage the Georgians leave in their wake. It's absolutely bizarre, they run before they even see us coming. They usually leave behind a few landmines, but nothing we can't pick out from a mile off. Very strange.

The platoon is heading west, I'm guessing towards the Caspian Sea. After all the abandoned camps we're all hoping for some action, but the sergeant says it should be a cakewalk. Did I ever tell you that the sergeant kind of looks like you? Don't worry, I won't try anything. ;) I miss you terribly.


Data Stick 6[edit | edit source]

From: Piotr Lejava
To: Philip Masse
Sent: 26/10/2004 22:49


Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly willing to try tapping little bird for Ark intelligence, but I don't think it'll do any good without the key. I'll get whatever I can, but I really think Nikoladze will need men inside the Presidential Palace, which is obviously impossible considering the current state of affairs. But I will do my best, and whatever is possible to retrieve from the oilrig, I'll get it.


Data Stick 7[edit | edit source]

From: Sergo Shengelaya
To: Guram Tkeshelashvili
Sent: 27/10/2004 03:18

Hey Guram,

You at your semi-permanent posting yet? My platoon finally got off the school buses two hours ago in Belarus and rendezvoused with another platoon that came via cargo plane; we're all heading East but we haven't been told where yet. When I get there I'll shoot you another mail.

This is so unlike the military we knew when we joined. We're in incredible shape, lean, decentralized, efficient. We're acting more like a business than an army. Colonel Alekseevich explained to a group of us that we could win this by allowing the Americans to 'surrender aggressively.' Any idea what that means? I'll write again soon.


Data Stick 8[edit | edit source]

From: Marvin Watkin
To: Ian Belew
Sent: 27/10/2004 03:46
Subject: RE:C4


For all we know, the Raptor III could work beautifully, and 7 times out of 10 in testing it has. Only problem is those other 3 times, and we've already promised FWN live coverage of the 'Raptor III at work.' The PR boys are real eager to get this footage on the tube.

The C-4 is just to assure that the explosion comes off nice and juicy. (Even if the Raptor drone releases its payload on target, a C-4 juiced explosion is more telegenic.)

Besides, the operation should be a cakewalk. We've got intel from the CIA says there's not more than a dozen Georgian soldiers on the rig, and not very well armed ones at that. Fish in a barrel, man. Huah.


Data Stick 9[edit | edit source]

From: Ian Belew
To: Stuart Brophy
Sent: 27/10/2004 05:19
Subject: RE:C4


Can you believe this? I god damn hate this garbage. Not only do we gotta deal with the media focusing on unmanned drones like the Raptor, but now we gotta do their work for them and still get no credit? When flesh-and-blood men are here risking their lives? I god damn hate it. Some P.R. desk flunky realizes civies are gonna be happier about a war without American casualties and now all we see on the news is remote-control killbots. It's even worse than Afghanistan. I'm sick to death of it.


Data Stick 10[edit | edit source]

From: Philip Masse
To: Jeff
Sent: 27/10/2004 09:00
Subject: RE: Solid Key vs PGP


A solid storage system being a pain in the ass is the whole point. It means we know that the port on the oilrig is the ONLY PLACE the data can get in or out of that cache. A dedicated server also means we don't have to include a routing address on messages to the cache, meaning if anybody catches wise to our little bird in VA, they can't trace it back to us. (If they're good, like REALLY good, they could maybe trace it forward, but I'd like to meet the geek who could manage it.) So yeah, it's a pain in the ass, but that's why we pay you the big bucks so stop being such a panty waist.

- pHilip MAsSE

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