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"Bad news, Fisher. Something got the military's attention."
Irving Lambert

Oil Refinery is the fourth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (and the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials). Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must infiltrate the GFO Oil Rig and retrieve the Georgian communication data being sent from the Oil Rig.


Retrieve Georgian communication data.

NATO and U.S. intervention has pushed most of the Georgian commandos from Azerbaijan, with only a few well-hidden cells remaining. One of those cells, entrenched in an oil rig on the Caspian Sea, is exchanging data with the Presidential Palace in Georgia via a secure network.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the refinery by the main pipeline
  • Trail the mercenary technician
  • Get the technician's briefcase by any means

Notes Edit

  • Avoid coming into contact with the mercenary technician and his escort at all costs before he uses his encryption key.

Alarm thresholds Edit

No alarm limits.

Data & Transcript Edit

Main article: Oil Refinery/Data

Mission OverviewEdit


Sam climbs a pipe towards the main GFO Oil Rig as the Georgians get ready to destroy the pipe line bridge leading to the platform.

Sam Fisher arrives on the GFO Oil Rig and infiltrates the structure by crossing the pipe struts that connecting the pipeline together. As Fisher comes upon the bridge, the Georgian soldiers set up explosives onto it and by detonating, they destroyed it. Fisher is then forced to actually make his way through the pipeline through a hole as it still continues to pump oil. Fisher follows the line to one of the pumping rooms and heads out of the interior through a hatch. As Fisher comes up, the Georgian technician, Piotr Lejava, and his escort arrive using a boat. They walk onto the walkway and make their way up towards the data house. Fisher climbs the ladders on the side of the strut and climbs across to the opposite side using the pipe that overhangs. As Fisher climbs across he overhears Georgian radio chatter regarding 'American fighter planes' attacking the GFO Oil Rig. Fisher drops down and trails the technician and his bodyguards as the Oil Refinery is destroyed by United States F-15 Eagle fighters airstrikes.

Sam Fisher must infiltrate the oil rig off the coast of Georgia. A meeting is taking place where sensitive data of the Masse Kernels are being handled. When Fisher attempts to work his way across the bridge, the Georgians rig it to explode, forcing Fisher to force his way through the pipeline, which continues to pump oil. All the while, the oil rig is being assaulted by the United States armed forces via F-15 Eagle fighter jets. A troop transport also arrives to deploy infantry to capture the rig. As the rig is blown apart, the Georgians make their way to the data house, where computer technician Piotr uses their newest encryption key to relay data on the Masse Kernels.


Fisher knocks out Piotr and retrieves his briefcase.

While this goes on, Fisher tracks Piotr and his escort, eventually catching up with them. When Piotr is finished with the transmission, he and his escort flee, destroying all evidence of their activities as they flee. Fisher gives chase as the rig is bombed by the American fighters. With their helicopter destroyed, the Georgians fled to the escape ship, only to find it destroyed as well. In the meantime, American troops stormed the rig, squaring off against the surviving Georgians.

Fisher eventually caught up with Piotr and dispatched him and his escort. Having recovered the laptop and key from his briefcase, he fled the scene as the oil rig was finally destroyed.


Communication data retrieve from the oil rig has proved to be invaluable. The records are full of vague hints concerning an impending retaliation against the U.S. more concretely, they show evidence of a leak in the U.S. intelligence community, suggesting that the Georgians may have a mole inside one of America’s agencies.


Version 1 (Xbox/PC/PS3)Edit

  • The versions for Xbox and PC show this mission playing in the morning with a full sun in the background, although the same time is shown everywhere on the boot screens.
  • There are two ways where you can take a satchel from the first enemy, who leaves the oil pipeline, either killing him from a long distance with a pistol aimed at the head, or engaging him with multiple shots to the torso.
  • Lambert does not mention B-2's planning to blow up the oil rig when following Piotr, nor is any countdown timer imposed.
  • Regardless of the passage of the final part of the mission, four enemies will perish from explosions.
  • Some oil pumps are still intact without the intervention of Sam.
  • All laptops are destroyed immediately after Piotr leaves the computer room.
  • There are searchable rooms near the helicopter. One contains a Disposable Pick, and another contains a Medical kit.
  • The room in which Piotr is hiding can only be checked from the front, and only the corpse of an American soldier and Georgian oil worker are present. However, both exits from this room are accessible.
  • After the last explosion, there is no countdown timer, meaning that you can have Sam interrogate Piotr if desired.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube)Edit

  • The versions for PS2 and GameCube show this mission playing at night with a full moon in the background, although the same time is shown everywhere on the boot screens.
  • There's only one way where you can take a satchel from the first enemy, who leaves the mined oil pipeline, just killing him from a long distance with a pistol aimed at the head.
  • Also some dialogue shift. Lambert mentions B-2's are going to bomb the rig when following Piotr, which starts a countdown that will destroy the whole rig once the meter reaches zero.
  • Regardless of the passage of the final part of the mission, six enemies will perish from explosions.
  • All oil pumps are destroyed immediately without the intervention of Sam.
  • There is a bug with the disappearance of destroyed computers and equipment during the next launch of the checkpoint, so that you can use the destroyed two laptops (although nothing will be on them).
  • There are no rooms near the helicopter.
  • The room in which Piotr is hiding can be checked both from the front and from behind, although there will be no one there. Also the second exit from this room is blocked.
  • After the last explosion, the countdown timer starts, where you need to take Piotr's briefcase in 1 minute 15 seconds.

Version 3 (Essentials)Edit

  • This mission made it's return in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials, with a few changes for the portable platform. In Essentials version, this level acts as a flashback to the Oil Rig, with Sam Fisher recalling the events. It resembles the PS2 version of the mission.
  • The version completely identical with PS2 but Sam has a knife and the noise sensor.
  • There is no full moon in first part, time is more like a shadow red sunset.
  • No satchel from the first enemy, who leaves the mined oil pipeline. Enemies do not run away after the shooting at them.
  • Also some dialogue shift more than from PS2/GameCube version.
  • Automatic sight offers to shoot in already destroyed barrels with oil.
  • Regardless of the results in the third part, the first enemy disappears closer to the final (bag).
  • Only two satchel can find on the level: from the guard in the kitchen and accompanying guard.
  • Only one Medical Kit in the kitchen, the healing mechanism is identical to Pandora Tomorrow.
  • There is a laptop that you can use. It is located in the kitchen and contains the code to unlock the bonus mission.
  • Two helicopter pilots are dressed in a blue uniform.
  • The staircase opposite the helicopter is broken, and the enemy is missing.
  • No marines US.
  • Regardless of the passage of the final part of the mission, only two enemies will perish from explosions.


  • 📌 Part 1 – 09:38 Hours
  • 👦 Number of enemies: 2.
  • 📌 Part 2 – 09:47 Hours
  • 👦 Number of enemies: 1.
  • 📌 Part 3 – 10:03 Hours
  • 🍷 1 Bottle (next to the pump switch which is missing).
  • 💊 1 Medical Kit (in the kitchen).
  • 💻 1 Laptop (in the kitchen).
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on the bedside table next to laptops).
  • 🗣 Interrogated: Piotr Lejava.
  • 👦 Civilian: Piotr Lejava.
  • 👦 Number of enemies: 5.
  • 💀 Killed enemies: 2 (pilots, perish from explosions).
  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms – 0. The number of bullets fired from the pistol is 0.


  • Sam used a Zodiac (CRRC) to reach the GFO Oil Rig.
  • The 'American warplanes' mentioned by the Georgians are F-15 Eagle tactical fighters.
  • During the mission, the player may come across the body of a dead U.S. soldier, evidently having been gunned down by one of the Georgian soldiers. A satchel is on the body containing a Data stick.[1]
    • The bodies of several oil rig workers are also present at the scene. It is likely they were massacred when Nikoladze's men commandeered the rig for their own usage.
  • Piotr is wearing a Ubisoft shirt in Xbox/PC Version.
  • Piotr can be killed or knocked out, his fate is left entirely up to the player. He eventually runs to the docks only to find that the boat has been blown up.
    • The player can also simply walk up to Piotr and grab them as he will not run away nor will he resist. The main objective is to simply obtain his briefcase, as the mission ends as soon as the player picks up the briefcase. Sam can interrogate him for some extra conversation dialogue.
    • It is during this conversation that Piotr mentions The Ark, which he only knows to be "what Nikoladze wants most".
  • There are various puddles of oil around the floor areas of the GFO Oil Rig where both enemies and the player can walk in, leaving a footprint stained with oil on the group.
  • Sam's actions are referenced in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in the level Hokkaido Island by a mercenary that mentions a "Ninja" that attacked the oil rig he was contracted on.
  • In the dialog box some enemy soldiers are display as "GSOLD" which is the code for Georgian Soldiers. It most likely an error by the developers.
  • Before the bridge is blown at the beginning of the mission, an enemy soldier escapes atop the oil line that runs to the rig. This soldier has a satchel with a data stick that contains an email to his sister (see Data Stick #1). It seems impossible to obtain this data stick without using console commands.
  • Jumping into the water will cause the mission to fail.




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