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Nuclear Power Plant is an exclusive solo campaign level for the PlayStation 2 version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher must trace the microwave relay by infiltrating the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in the Kola Peninsula located in Russia.


Trace the microwave relay.

Data retrieved from Kalinatek reveals that Nikoladze uses an unconventional network of relays to communicate with Georgian terrorist cells. Background electric noise surrounding the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in Northern Russia makes it impossible to trace the network beyond this point.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the Cooling Rod Room and Trigger a meltdown alert.
  • Retrieve the Cooling Rod Control Room access code from the mercenary technician "Esfir."
  • Retrieve the FlashRAM shipping log for the power plant's waste disposal train.
  • Investigate the Nadezhda communications center.
  • Obtain the Data Stick from the Technician.
  • Tap the Georgian microwave relay.
  • Stowaway on the waste train for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • The keypad code for the door to the maintenance shaft is 151822.
  • The Cooling Rod Control Room access code is 560627.
  • There is an active civilian presence in the power plant. Avoid collateral damage.
  • The meltdown alert will disable all security cameras.

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Mission OverviewEdit

The signal from Kalinatek is lost in the midst of various signals coming from the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in Russia's Kola Peninsula. Sam infiltrates the plant and triggers a false meltdown alert to evacuate all technicians, though the guards stay. While investigating the plant, Fisher discovers that the Russians have recently shipped nuclear Americium 239 eastward and that the guards around the plant are not really the Russian military, but more of Grinko's men in uniforms. Fisher taps the relay and Grimsdottir discovers that Masse hid their signal in the spaces between Nadezhda's signals. Fisher stows away on the waste disposal train, but upon extraction, Wilkes is shot and killed by a guard, leading to the Coen's introduction to the group.


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Where as the microwave relay system is destroyed in Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant, Nikoladze continues to launch information warfare attacks against the US from the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar. Relations with the Chinese crumble over allegations of Chinese support for Nikoladze. The Chinese/Georgian connection must be investigated if war is to be averted.


  • This level has unique music never heard in the PC or Xbox versions.
  • The white (snow) op-suit is first seen in this mission.
  • Nadezhda means "Hope" in Slavic.
  • A subplot in this mission is that nuclear waste is being transported by train eastward. Among the waste is Americium 239. An interrogated technician claims that it is being sent eastward and the label is in Chinese. It is later revealed that it was sent to the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, where it is eventually destroyed when Fisher destroys the trucks about to leave with it.
  • At the starting point, if you start running around the room, enemies on the street will hear you and run to you, causing an alarm to go off.
  • At the beginning of the level in the street on the right behind the metal door in the far corner, there is a blocked corridor. This door can not be opened, and thus the room cannot be accessed.
  • In the first section, there is an area where two guards are operating a searchlight from the top floor. You cannot get to the spotlight, so you must shoot it to avoid detection. You also have the option of shooting the guards, but this will trigger an alarm when you leave the area.
  • In the second section, a Russian soldier patrols in a walkway above you. Again, you cannot get to this guard to move his body, so killing him will lead to an alarm. Don't kill him to avoid the alarm.
  • In second part of mission Sam takes off the winter camouflage and throws it on the elevator.
  • In some areas, enemies don't see you at point blank range. So, when you walking under the floor near the elevator you do not get detected.
  • Killing the two workers will lead to the failure of the mission, but there is a bug that makes it possible to kill three workers before mission failure.
    • That bug is when Lambert warns the player to be careful while the player kills three workers and says it twice after.
  • When Sam is detected by a camera, it blocks the use of the keypad code.
  • The effect of Chemical flare differs from the PC version.
  • An interrogation sequence starts with Sam saying "Stay quiet, you don't want your life to end in the boy's room", even though they are in a control room. Possible that interrogation was planned to take place in a bathroom.
  • Discrepancies are found at the ending of the level where Sam says he'll extract by stowing away on the train and meet Wilkes 35 kilometers down the line, on account of Wilkes not being able to get 30 kilometers of the plant due to the false meltdown. However, in the ending cutscene, Wilkes appears to be extracting Sam from the Power Plant via the Osprey.
    • This is likely due to the fact that there were more Russian missions cut from the final game. After this mission, Sam was originally suppose to trace the Georgian relays to a shipyard, a mining town, and finally an abandoned smelting plant, in that order. The first and third of these missions were abbreviated and rewritten into expansion missions (Vselka and Kola Cell, respectively). The original Kola Cell was a much more expansive mission and featured Wilkes extracting Sam on-site. (See Cut Content)
  • Vernon Wilkes, Jr. is fatally wounded at the end of this mission. In other versions of the game, Wilkes is shot at Kalinatek. However, the subtitle in the following cutscene indicates that they are in Russian airspace and the date and time are suddenly different to what they would have been in the Kalinatek mission. This would seem to indicate that the Nuclear Power Plant was originally intended to be in all versions but was cut from most.
  • Some of the inscriptions in the Russian language do not make sense or are spelled wrong. For example:
    • "Предупреждение. Защищенный. Безопасность. Офис. Информация. 555-0347" = "Caution. Secure. Security. Office. Information. 555-0347" does not make sense in Russian language. It's possible that it's supposed to say "Предупреждение. Охранная зона. Повышенная безопасность. Офис. Информация по телефону. 555-0347".
    • The writing on the consoles "Пульт прогрохотка" does not make sense. It could be "Пульт очистки" = "Start cleaning".
    • The writing on the monitors says "Ядерный сила / Первый, Второй" = "Nuclear Silo / First, Second", but correct spelling is "Ядерная шахта / Первая, Вторая".
    • The drinks machine is labelled, "Beda Soda" ("Беда Сода"), meaning "The Trouble With Soda".


  • 📌 Part 1 – 19:50 Hours
  • 💡 2 Cameras, 4 lights, -6 bullets.
  • 🔦 1 Spotlight, -1 bullet.
  • 🍶 1 Can (object on the street on the left in the snow behind a bush).
  • 💊 +2 Medical Kits (on the shelf in the unlocked technical room and on the boxes in front of the last closed door).
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 4-step lock in the on the door to technical rooms and 3-step lock on the last door.
  • 🔥 +1 Flare (on the floor in the room behind a closed door).
  • 🔦 +4 Frag Grenade (three in a snow box behind an iron bar and one on the floor in front of the last locked door).
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on snow behind iron bars).
  • 💀 Number of killed enemies: 6, -6 bullets.
  • 👦 Number of live enemies: 2.
  • 📌 Part 2 – 20:22
  • 💡 8 Cameras, -8 bullets.
  • 💊 +5 Medical Kits (in the first room on the cot, in the technical room on the boxes, on the left wall in the control room, on the stairs and on the floor next to the far door in the room with computers).
  • 🗣 Interrogated: Esfiri (1 Goal, 1 Note).
  • 🔦 +1 Satchel (Chemical Flare have worker in of it with computers), +1 Chemical Flare (on the floor between computers).
  • 💻 4 Computers (1 goal, active 25/50/75/100 alarm).
  • 💀 Number of killed enemies: 3 (-3 bullets).
  • 👦 Number of workers: 8, stunned programmers: 1 (Esfiri), live enemies: 1.
  • 📌 Part 3 – 20:38
  • 💡 1 Camera, -1 bullet.
  • 🔫 2 Automated Turrets, +1 SC-20K (on the floor in the corridor behind the turret)
  • 💊 +5 Medical Kits (on the nightstand in the room behind the first turret, on the wall on the left in the room in front of the second turret, on the table in front of the security camera, two on the right wall in front of the server room), +1 Satchel (first aid kit at the russian, appearing in the starting point after the entrance to the corridor behind the turret).
  • 🗣 Number of interrogated: 2 programmers.
  • 💼 +1 Satchel (1 Goal, 1 Data Stick and 1 Note from the programmer).
  • 🔥 +1 Flare (on the nightstand in the room behind the turret).
  • 🔦 +2 Chemical flare (two on the corridor floor behind the combination lock).
  • 🍶 2 Cans (objects on the floor next to the flowers behind the security camera in the corridor and beyond the door on the left).
  • 💣 +1 Satchel (Frag Grenade have russian in server).
  • 💻 1 Computer (1 Goal).
  • 💀 Number of killed enemies: 5, -5 bullets.
  • 👦 Number of stunned: 2 programmers.
  • 📌 Part 4 – 21:09
  • 💊 +1 Satchel (Medical Kit from the second Russian), +1 Medical Kit (on the shelf in the technical room).
  • 💻 1 computer (1 Data Stick, on the second floor at the end of the corridor).
  • 👦 Number of stunned enemies: 4.
  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms – 0. The number of bullets fired from the SC-20K is 30. The number of Medical Kits used is from 0 to 9.



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