Nicholas Andrew Kovac was a high-ranking official in the National Security Agency (NSA) who held the position of Deputy Director in 2009. He appeared in the novel Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction acting as chief advisor to the NSA Director. Kovac was untrusted by his own subordinate and was in fact a mole inside the NSA working for a shadow organization called the Guoanbu (Chinese counter-intelligence agency) and has then been incarcerated for treason.


Deputy Director Kovac graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he attained a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and attained the rank of Flight Officer as a pilot in the Air Force. Due to his experience he served as a "visiting professor" at the West Point Academy, Kovac joined the NSA where he worked his way up the ranks, through assignment with the Directorate of Operations and became Deputy Director for analysis and production after spending three years in London as a special U.S. liaison officer. During his tenure as a NSA official, Kovac had been contacted by the Guoanbu, a terrorist organisation.

The Search for Sam FisherEdit

A year after the events that led to Lambert's execution by Sam Fisher, who went on the run after being labeled a "wanted murderer". Deputy Director Kovac was involved in a weapon trafficking against the U.S. He breath again the two men who tried to find out the Guoanbu mole inside the NSA are now out of the business. To ensure that Fisher will never come back, Kovac framed him to the NSA eyes and sent a Splinter Cell team to capture or kill him under the supervision of Third Echelon's Director: Anna Grímsdóttir,[1] whom he doesn't trust for that he dispose a spy inside the Splinter Cell teams (Allen Ames) who must kill Fisher by any means necessary and destroying all the proof who etablished Kovac links with the Guoanbu. Unfortunately for him, Grim and Fisher were working together to bring down Kovac. Finally, deputy director Kovac is arrested for treason. Two hours after his arrest, he fails to hang himself. Officially he retired after he discovered he had colorectal cancer but unofficially he spends his days in a FBI safehouse naming names.

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  • Nicholas Andrew Kovac was on NSA's too-long list of high-ranking NSA officials who may have sold out the United States (i.e. moles). There have been quite a few moles coming out of NSA; including Agent Frasier, Mike Wu, Lawrence Williams, and Tom Reed.
  • Kovac bears striking similarities with Third Echelon Director Tom Reed in the Conviction game:
    • Both graduated from the Air Force Academy,
    • both had a high rank inside within the NSA,
    • both had framed Sam Fisher and sent Splinter Cells to kill him,
    • both were, in fact, moles for a shadow organization,
    • both had their real status' discovered by Fisher and Grímsdóttir,
    • and both were under suspicion of being a mole within the NSA.
  • Kovac may have been succeeded as NSA Deputy Director by Lawrence Williams.

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