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The ND133 (Naivre D'Espirit + 133 degrees Kelvin, also known as the Pox Box) was a storage device developed by Saulnier Cryogenics Laboratories (based in Paris, France) as a storage device for human brains, removed at the requests of those clients who wished to be cryogenically-frozen. It was stolen by the Darah Dan Doa, with collaboration between Suhadi Sadono and Norman Soth, to be a storage device for small pox, becoming Sadono's "insurance policy" against the US.


2006: Indonesian Crisis Edit

The ND133 is the codename for the storage devices employed by Saulnier Cryogenics for the purpose of storing the brains of its clients in cold storage for later revival and study. During the Indonesia Crisis in 2006, rogue CIA agent Norman Soth stole the ND133 from Saulnier Cryogenics as a means to safely transport the smallpox virus into the U.S. and then for detonation. Soth murdered the lab's scientists and dumped the stored brains in the process of theft.

Following the raid of Saulnier Cryogenics, Soth fled to Jerusalem, where he acquired strains of the deadly smallpox virus from a Syrian terrorist cell operating in the city. Soth paid a significant sum for the virus, which the Syrians allegedly possessed for years, but too dangerous to move until the arrival of ND133. Syrians were also given a single storage device for their own use. Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher stormed the cell's underground headquarters and seized a sample of the smallpox strain for later study. It was later discovered that Soth had purchased the strain on behalf of Darah Dan Doa leader Suhadi Sadono, who was waging war against the U.S. in East Timor.

Soth and his men planted at least six "pox boxes" across the United States, arming the ND133 with the smallpox strains. The plan, codenamed "Pandora Tomorrow", aimed to hold the U.S. hostage while Sadono waged his war against the American occupation in East Timor. He made secure phone calls to every one of the pox box operators on a daily basis. If he missed a phone call due to his death or capture, the virus would be released within 24 hours, killing untold numbers of American citizens.


The Pox Box, about to be destroyed by a controlled detonation.

One of the six original pox boxes was detonated in an event known as the "Springfield Demonstration", in which several Americans in Springfield, Texas were at risk of smallpox infection and saw numerous deaths due to their unresponsiveness to smallpox vaccinations. As this was happening, the presence of the other pox boxes prevented the U.S. from confronting Sadono head on, as they would have risked smallpox infection across the country. Thus, Sadono was virtually invincible on the battlefield, and forced the Americans on the defensive.

Third Echelon tasked Fisher with uncovering the locations of the pox boxes so that Sadono would be vulnerable to intercept. After an extensive investigation in Komodo, Indonesia, Fisher was successful in locating the five pox boxes still on standby across the country. Echelon deployed Shadownet to neutralize the threat. In the days that followed, Shadownet agents killed the pox box operators and destroyed each ND133 through controlled detonation, effectively canceling Sadono's "insurance policy".

Soth's Final Pox Box Edit


The LAX authorities notice the ND133

Unfortunately, after Sadono was captured, it was discovered that Soth still possessed the only remaining ND133, and intended to detonate it within Los Angeles International Airport, infecting tens of thousands of worldwide commuters. His intention was to get revenge on the U.S. and the CIA for abandoning him years earlier in Indonesia. Fortunately, Fisher trailed Soth and, after killing him and his entire band of terrorists, recovered the final ND133. However, with only eleven minutes until detonation, Third Echelon could not evacuate it from Los Angeles using the V-22 Osprey, so instead they tried to isolate the spread of the virus. Posing as a maintenance worker, Fisher left the device for LAX security officers to find, ensuring a rapid evacuation of the airport. With the airport evacuated, the LAPD Bomb Squad was called in to destroy the final ND133 with a controlled detonation, destroying the smallpox strain and effectively ending the crisis in Indonesia.


  • In Pandora Tomorrow, the "ND" in ND133 stands for "Naivre D'Espirit", which is a mistake. The correct spelling is "Navire D'Esprit" which literally means "Mind Ship" (because the device acts as a 'vessel' for the brain).
  • The ND133 is a central device for the Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode in Pandora Tomorrow.
  • The ND133 is also mentioned in the bonus mission in Essentials.
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