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Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats ('Auspicious Hunting Grounds') is a slaughterhouse in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats processed beef from cattle for sale as meat. In 2004 during the Georgian Information Crisis, the entire facility was seized by Kombayn Nikoladze, the rogue President of the Republic of Georgia. Having waged war against the United States, he went into a state of self-imposed exile, using the slaughterhouse as his base of operations.


During the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004, the U.S. government suspected the People's Republic of China as having aligned themselves with Georgia against the United States, sparking a diplomatic crisis that threatened to push the two nations into World War III. It was alleged that China was providing weapons to Georgia and producing nuclear weapons despite the existence of numerous treaties, a charge China vehemently denied.

It was later discovered that Chinese General Kong Feirong was indeed providing material assistance to Nikoladze, and was an active participant in the ongoing crisis. He also occupied the Chinese Embassy in Yangon, keeping in close contact with Nikoladze at the slaughterhouse.

Back in Georgia and Azerbaijan, Nikoladze's forces captured several American soldiers on the war front, and had them sent to Myanmar as hostages. Determined to strike back at the U.S., Nikoladze declared on an internet broadcast that on November 11, the soldiers would be executed live on the internet for the entire world to witness. Russian mercenary Vyacheslav Grinko was put in charge of these executions. Fearful of the fallout that would result from the live execution of American soldiers, Third Echelon immediately deployed Splinter Cell Sam Fisher to prevent the executions.

When word of the executions reached the U.S., relations with China worsened, threatening to bring about the outbreak of World War III.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the slaughterhouse and immediately sabotaged the broadcast, delaying the executions but prompting Nikoladze and his entourage to evacuate for fear of capture by the Americans. Fisher fought his way through Grinko's men and eventually reached the basement, where he discovered the soldiers and the embassy staff being held hostage. From Ambassador Long Dan Fisher learned that General Feirong was acting on his own in his support for Nikoladze, right before Grinko launched an assault on the basement to stop Fisher. In the shootout that followed, Fisher killed Grinko and his men, saving the hostages and buying the U.S. time to expose Feirong's treachery before tensions boiled into open war.

The embassy officials and American soldiers were eventually rescued by Special Forces and returned home after Chinese authorities moved in to shut down Feirong's operations in Myanmar.



The outside of Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats includes a water system area complete with four grates that run the facility's water system. Behind a wall lies the facility's crate yard, however during the Georgian Information Crisis, land mines were planted outside the building. Spotlights were also installed overlooking the yard, and a communication relay antenna is located on the roof of the facility.



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