Morris Odell (later spelled "O'Dell") was an anchorman for First News Wire and later World News Media, covering the latest information from vital events happening around the world.


2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

Morris Odell gave a report regarding the enormous wave of political change taking place in the former Soviet Republic of Georgie in 2004, detailing the bloodless coup d'etat spearheaded by Georgian industrial baron Kombayn Nikoladze following the assassination of the preceding president by Abkhazian separatists. Later as relations between Georgia and NATO broke down upon the discovery of Nikoladze's secret invasion of neighboring Azerbaijan, Odell provided extensive coverage of the escalating Georgian Information Crisis and the concurrent global manhunt for Nikoladze upon his escape from international authorities. During these events, Odell was host to the news of American POWs set to be executed by their Georgian captors overseas during a live internet broadcast; these were thwarted covertly by the efforts of the NSA's Third Echelon. Finally, Odell announced the death of Kombayn Nikoladze upon his alleged attempt to oust Acting President Varlam Cristavi, in a doctored report that omitted any mention of the NSA's involvement in this or of the failed nuclear strike precipitated by Nikoladze against Washington, D.C.

2006: Indonesian Crisis Edit

By 2006, Morris Odell had transferred over to the World News Media as its lead anchor. With the outbreak of the crisis Indonesia in which the U.S. dramatically escalated its military and political support of East Timor in the face of Indonesian opposition, Odell covered America's military operations throughout Southeast Asia. Odell also covered the alleged outbreak of smallpox in Springfield, Texas, an event provoked by the Indonesia Darah Dan Doa in retaliation for the American intervention. Odell would eventually announce the capture of their charismatic leader, Suhadi Sadono at the conclusion of the crisis.

2007: NYC Cyber Attacks/East Asian Crisis Edit

In 2007, Odell again served as WNM's main source to the American public as tensions escalated in East Asia with China and North Korea protested Japan's establishment of the Information Self-Defense Force, an act interpreted as a violation of the 1945 postwar constitution. Odell found himself witnessing the imminent outbreak of World War III when during WNM's Independence Day broadcast their interview with the crew of the'USS Clarence E. Walsh was interrupted by a North Korean missile attack against the vessel in the South China Sea. This live broadcast captured the last moments of the highly-advanced warship and her crew as it was completely destroyed in the unprovoked attack. Odell and his team then covered the American response to the attack, as the situation boiled over into open war between the United States and North Korea upon the latter's invasion of South Korea. Odell expressed open horror and disbelief at the enormity of the death and destruction taking place across Korea as the U.S. rallied to the South's defense. Odell would later cover the conclusion of the conflict when it came to light that an American third party and their Japanese co-conspirators were the true instigators of the conflict.

During the course of these events, Odell covered the diplomatic efforts of Chinese Ambassador Long Dan to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the deteriorating situation between China and their Pacific neighbors.


Not much is known about Morris Odell's personal background or even how long he has been with First News Wire and World News Media. It is known, however, that he has been a news journalist since at least 2004. Throughout the games, he has conducted news reports and even interviews with various people relating to the operations undertaken by Third Echelon, although oblivious to their existence.



  • Morris Odell has also appeared in other Tom Clancy media, he appeared on a television screen in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3.
  • He also appears in the PlayStation 2 version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2.
  • It may be possible that "Morris" comes from the voice actor that plays Morris Odell, George Morris.


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