Captain Moore (aka Colonel Moore) was commander of all U.S. military forces in the Norte de Santander region in Colombia in 1992. On 2nd May, Lt. Douglas Shetland, was captured by FARC guerillas. Moore ordered Sam Fisher's platoon to stand down and await further orders.

Sam Fisher decided to disobey orders and went solo to rescue Shetland. Captain Moore ordered Fisher to stand down and not leave the base, and to wait on rescuing Shetland. Sam told Moore it was his duty, since he was not Army but Special Ops, and that he needed to rescue Shetland before he could spill any classified information. Moore finally conceded, but told sam if he left the base he would be on his own.

Later after rescusing Shetland, Shetland told Sam that Captain Moore's would likely have his hide for disobeying orders. Sam stated, he was willing to be punished, if it meant saving Shetland.

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