Were you looking for the Grand Central Station, the setting this level takes place?

Money Train is the fourth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2).

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Get the vault codes
  • JBA: Get to front of train
  • JBA: Disconnect communications system

Opposing Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Leave station chief alive
  • JBA: Kill the station chief

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Isolate rear train cars

Mission Overview Edit

JBA operatives Sam Fisher and Enrica Villablanca make their way through the station. After bypassing debris, Sam helps Enrica jump over a wooden barrier, where she then disables a ventilation fan for Sam to continue through the mission. Sam makes his way past several guards through damaged rooms and train repair areas before rappelling down a damaged wall. Once through a short sewer area, Sam bypasses more guards after Enrica has fed a clean loop through all security cameras. Sam then reaches the station chief, where he must interrogate the chief for the vault codes, and then decide to kill him or leave him alive. Sam then leaves through the back vault door, bypasses more guards underground, then boards the back of the train before it leaves. Once on the train, Sam must make his way through several cars - most of which have guards, laser systems, and security cameras. After traveling through the first few cars, Sam then isolates the rear cars and disables communications to allow Jamie to change tracks. From there, Sam travels on top of several more rail cars, while avoiding lights, beams, and security guards. Finally, near the engine car, Sam displaces the driver and sends the train, full-speed, crashing into a barricade. Carson Moss kills the driver and the JBA robs the train.

Trivia Edit

  • The PS2 version loading screen has the date 11/31/2008, despite November having only 30 days in it.
  • Before getting on the back of the train you pass though an area with signs that reads "Town Hall", in the real world the signs say "City Hall".
  • The station chief gives you the wrong door code when interrogated. The correct code is on the computer.
  • When Enrica tells Sam that there is a guard "right on top of him," the guard she is referring to has a keycard that can open the vault where the station chief is located.
  • If the player chooses to detach the last two railcars some security guards will climb on top of the roofs without any regard for overhead obstacles. This causes them to be hit and shoved toward the nearest railcar hitch.


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