Milan Nedich (real name Milos Nowak, 1970–2007), was the director of the VIP Protection Division of Displace International. He appeared in the "Hokkaido" level of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


Early LifeEdit

Nedich's real name was Milos Nowak, a wanted war criminal from the Bosnian Conflict. He was known as "The Bosnian Barber" due to allegedly scalping a number of his prisoners. After the signing of the Dayton Accords, Nowak fled to the United States, where he assumed the alias "Milan Nedich".

2007: Cyber Attacks/Crisis in East AsiaEdit

Milan Nedich was a ranking member of Displace International, and was in charge of the Abrahim Zherkezhi and Bruce Morgenholt protection details. He caught the attention of the National Security Agency after both of his top clients were kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. Nedich was implicated in instigating tensions in Far East Asia after it was discovered that the mercenaries defending Zherkezhi were working under his orders.

Initially believed to be responsible for playing both the U.S. and Displace over Morgenholt's death and the Masse Kernels, it is later discovered that he was working under orders from Douglas Shetland, president and CEO of Displace International. According to members of Displace, Nedich killed someone in Istanbul. He was drunk and wandered out of the bar looking for a fight. His friends found him the next morning covered in blood. The newspaper said the next day that Istanbul police found some guy cut to ribbons just a couple of blocks from the bar that they were at.

During the crisis in East Asia, Nedich had Zherkezhi moved to their retreat in Hokkaidō, Japan to ensure his safety from the authorities. It is here that Nedich was eventually snatched by Third Echelon Splinter Cell Sam Fisher, who assassinates him after interrogating him to confirm that Shetland is in charge of the conspiracy.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryEdit


  • In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, there is a character with a similar name, he is named Gabriel Nowak and plays a rather important role in that game. Interestingly, he spends some time in the second game dressed similarly to a Splinter Cell agent.
  • Nedich is one of three characters in the game who Sam will invariably kill regardless of the player's choice, killing him after an interrogation even if the player presses the button to simply knock him out. Hugo Lacerda (who also dies after an interrogation) and Douglas Shetland are the other two.
    • Like Lacerda and Shetland, Nedich is also one of three characters in the game whose death will not count against a 100% stealth rating for the level he appears in.
  • Milan Nedich's name is most likely a reference to Milan Nedić, a Serbian Nazi collaborator. He was the chief of the general staff of the Yugoslav Army, minister of war in the Royal Yugoslav Government and the prime minister of the Nazi-Installed Puppet Government of Serbia during World War II.
  • Although Milos Nowak is supposed to be Bosnian, Nowak is not a Bosnian name, but Polish.


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