Michigan Ave Reservoir is the ninth single player level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Former Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must disable one of three Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) devices located around Michigan Avenue Reservioir in Washington, D.C.

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Sam Fisher reaches the outside perimeter of an abandoned warehouse being guarded by Black Arrow operatives. He subdues the operatives and grabs an Officer to interrogate him. He doesn't reveal anything but a scientist brought over by Jeremy Prentiss, another Black Arrow Officer, and that she was going to be executed once the EMPs go off. Fisher heads inside the warehouse and navigates through the area, finding a squad testing some EMP generators. Going lower through the reservoir finding the scientist scolded by Prentiss about sabotaging the system. Once he left, the operatives realised Sam's presence and would kill her if he didn't show up. finally reaching a computer room where the scientist was being held. Fisher dispatches the enemies in the area and talks to the scientist, learning the EMPs cannot be shut-down unless they are destroyed simultaneously or they would go off. Sam immediately leaves the area and makes his way out to the surface where the EMPs are whilst calling Coste for assistance. He tells him to mark their GPS coordinates for him. Coming out from the underground, he got greeted by more operatives and one using a turret. He pressed forward to a garage where some vehicles and other operatives waiting for Fisher. Once he leaves the garage, he goes towards the first EMP device.


Fisher hugs Sarah after not seeing her for three years.

Fisher heads to the device but is attacked by an attack helicopter, piloted by Prentiss. Prentiss taunts Fisher whilst Coste calls Fisher, telling he had Sarah with him and was about to come for them. Sarah managed to speak to him briefly, waiting for an explanation but Sam cut short since he was occupied. He moves between cover and avoids being hit by the machine gun from the gunship. Fisher makes his way to the computer console and is able to transmit the coordinates to Victor Coste. Coste arrives in a helicopter and fires missiles into Prentiss' chopper, destroying it and killing Prentiss. Afterwards he fired another cluster of missiles, destroying both EMP devices. The helicopter lands for Sam and is overjoyed to finally see his daughter as she comes out of the chopper and hug. Coste tells them they need to hurry, and the two get into the back of the helicopter.

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  • This is Jeremy Prentiss' third, and final, appearance in Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • The Black Arrow officer Sam interrogates cannot be shot, but he can be killed with a grenade.


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