A medical kit or first aid kit (also referred to as a medikit) is a standard field first-aid kit used to treat injuries. It contains typical contents in first-aid kits such as disinfectant and bandages for first-aid use.


The medical kit is used to restore a limited amount of health to the player from any wounds that they may have received. They can be found in a number of areas across a variety of levels in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series as a means of restoring lost health. While some of the games have Medical Kits, they differ in appearance and even in function and use between games, making a huge distinction between each of their appearances in each title.

In the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, medical kits are attached to walls and found on surfaces. They can be picked up, and added to your inventory for use later. Once the player selects them in their inventory, it is used instantly, and the effects are instant - restoring a partial amount of health. The player was able to carry a total number of 5 medical kits in their inventory, with the game not allowing them to pick up more if they attempted to.


The Medical Kit as it appears in Pandora Tomorrow.

In Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, medical kits are now stationary devices attached to walls. A glowing light is visible on the front of the kit showing how much uses the Medical Kit has left before being restricted from the player. Once activated, the player will wrap a bandage over their arm indicating that they are in the process of using it.

In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, medical kits are stationary cabinets that hold three medicinal bottles. The player can use them to restore a partial amount of health; each cabinet has a limited amount of uses, normally the kit can used two times, but three if the player does not take too much damage before using the medical kit. The larger bottle will restore more health, and the character will use that first if badly hurt. 



  • In the first Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher would make remarks and grunts when the player would use a medical kit to heal themselves.
  • The healing mechanism in Essentials is identical to Pandora Tomorrow.
  • The medical kit was only present in the first three Splinter Cell titles. Afterward, they are not necessary as the health system became more of a regenerative health system.

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