Massoud Ibn Yussif was a terrorist leader and an ally of Emile Dufraisne during the Red Mercury Plot in 2008. During undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher's operations in the domestic American terrorist group, John Brown's Army, Third Echelon learned that Massoud was in an alliance with Emile Dufraisne in a plot to use WMDs (Red Mercury bombs) against the United States. Massoud was eventually stopped, however, and was captured by authorities after the Red Mercury Plot was stopped.


2008: Red Mercury Plot Edit

Version 1 Edit

Emile Dufraisne and Alejandro Takfir held a meeting in Shanghai with Dr Aswat to buy Red Mercury from him. Sam Fisher infliltrated the Hotel and killed Aswat under the orders from Hisham Hamza and extracted with Emile. Massoud then traveled to Kinshasa for another meeting with Takfir and Emile. They found out that Hisham Hamza was a spy and had Emile order Fisher to kill him. After the meeting Massoud was supposed to get his bomb by the ship, RSS Rublev from Carson Moss, Emile's right hand man. Massoud and Alejandro never showed up most likely because they were both arrested. With Emile dead, Massoud and Alejandro were captured soon after, his arrest can be heard in the news report in the version 1 of Double Agent. Despite their arrest, the Red Mercury bombs on the RSS Rublev remains active until Agent One and Agent Two disarm them.

Version 2 Edit

Version 2 reveals that Massoud is an ally of John Brown's Army, and conspires to detonate three Red Mercury devices aborad a Russian tanker that was hjacked by Sam Fisher for the JBA. Within only a short distance of Los Angeles harbor, the Red Mercury devices were sabotaged by a splinter cell double team. Unlike Version 1, it is not specified what became of Massoud.


  • His appearance is different in both versions. In Version 2, Massoud appears to be much older, has facial hair, and also sports an eye patch after losing his eye to an unknown incident.
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