"A silenced sub-machine gun, the MP5-SD3 is an ideal choice for highly accurate damage."
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The MP5-SD3 is a type of variant of the Heckler & Koch MP5, one of many in a line of the MP5 integrated suppressor variants. The MP5-SD3 was designed for special operations and stealth-based missions in mind, while keeping a sufficient amount of power when faced with overwhelming odds.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Edit

The MP5-SD3 first appears in Splinter Cell: Conviction, and is available for players to purchase after the flashback mission, "Diwaniya, Iraq", where players take control of Victor Coste and have to rescue his squad leader. The weapon can be seen in the hands of Sam Fisher and the rest of his squad before they are ambushed by Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers. Later on, the MP5-SD3 makes an appearance in the final level of the game, White House, where US Marines are seen carrying it.

The three upgrades available for the MP5-SD3 are a 2X scope, hollow point ammunition, and a gun stock (despite the fact that the weapon already has a retractable buttstock). It is one of only four guns in the game that can be equipped with a scope, the others being the G36C, the AK-47 and the SCAR-H. It is also the only silenced weapon that can be equipped with a scope, making it extremely popular among players due to the significant accuracy boost.

Conviction game 2014-05-01 15-15-20-14

Archer carries the MP5-SD3.

The MP5-SD3 is used by many because of its ability to use a scope, allowing undetected long range fire, and is sometimes even referred to by players as a silenced sniper. However, once upgraded with a 2X scope, the weapon is much harder to use aggressively. This is because when the scope is used to zoom in, the weapon is restricted to 3 round burst fire and the field of view when zoom in the scope is not large enough for a close range battle, and will slow down your aim. Remeber that you cannot discard the upgrade after you purchased it, so think twice before you buy the scope.

It is because of this major drawback that some players prefer to use a different weapon, such as the M468 and SC3000, as both guns are still suppressed and have less zoom function, making them more ideal choices for close range engagements.


Gun StockEdit

The Gun Stock attachment offers a slight increase to weapon accuracy.

Cost: 500 PEC Points

2X ScopeEdit

The 2X Scope doubles the weapon's zooming capability, and increases range.

Cost: 300 PEC Points

Hollow Point AmmoEdit

Hollow Point Ammo is customized to slightly increase the damage per bullet.

Cost: 250 PEC Points

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