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Los Angeles, California is the eighth, and final, solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Facing a detrimental terror threat, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is tasked with stopping a smallpox virus release using the last ND133 device by rogue CIA agent Norman Soth at the LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles would again be targeted during the Red Mercury Plot in 2008. This time by Alejandro Takfir, who planned to detonate a nuclear bomb, delivered by ship into Los Angeles Harbor.

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  • Identify and kill all of Soth's terrorists, disguised as LAX employees
  • Kill Soth and recover the last ND 133 smallpox device.

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  • Soth's terrorist have a temperature slightly above average because of anti smallpox vaccination.
  • The access code is 5325.

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Norman Soth has breached LAX security with an unknown number of mercenaries and the final smallpox virus-armed ND 133. Neutralize Soth and recover the ND 133 before the virus is released.

Mission Overview Edit

Rogue CIA agent Norman Soth had acquired the last smallpox-armed ND133 for use against the United States. His plan was to unleash the virus from within LAX, an attack that would infect thousands of commuters and put much of the world at risk of a global pandemic. With a very threat against the American populace, and many other countries, Third Echelon deployed Sam Fisher to prevent this act of terrorism. Speeding through the freeway with Agent Frances Coen at the wheel of a SUV, both Fisher and Coen make it to the outer wall of the LAX Internation Airport. With a quick, fluid motion, Fisher scaled the vehicle and leaped over the wall, officially beginning his infiltration.

Once in, Third Echelon analyst Anna Grímsdóttir notified Fisher that they were able to get Fisher into the parking garage by stowing him on a semi-trailer truck that would be stopped at the security checkpoint outside. Sure enough, the large truck is briefly stopped at the security checkpoint, allowing Fisher to jump into the back and ride into the parking garage. Fisher notes that getting in was too easy, but Third Echelon operations coordinator Irving Lambert points out that there are gaps in the security and that Norman Soth's men have already made it inside, disguising themselves as employees. It was learned that Soth and nine of his men had infiltrated the airport disguised as ordinary commuters and LAX employees, freshly vaccinated for smallpox. Using his thermal vision from his Multi-Vision Goggles, Fisher identified the terrorists by their higher body temperatures, and was to use the Fifth Freedom to kill every single terrorist in the airport. Dermot P. Brunton justified their call, stating that they have no choice and need each of them dead so that the ND133 isn't activated.


Fisher sneaks through the interior rooms and hallways of LAX International, while avoiding detection.

Fisher dispatched a terrorist disguised as a security guard in the lower levels of the parking garage. Once that was complete, he made his way through baggage, where he killed three terrorists mixed in among the regular employees. Fisher killed another terrorist at baggage inspection as he made his way through the conveyor belts, eventually gaining access to the waiting area on the upper levels. Fisher then killed two more terrorists in the upper office levels. Having made his way above the main lobby, Fisher used his binoculars and thermal vision to identify Soth and his escorts, who had the smallpox-armed ND133 on hand.


Francis Coen waits outside near an SUV as Fisher walks out from the International Airport.

Sam went up the elevator shaft and reached the maintenance levels after power to the elevators was disabled. Finally, Fisher located Soth and his men, preparing to arm the bomb for after the incoming flights had unloaded their passengers. Wasting no time, Fisher attacked and killed Soth's men, eventually killing Soth himself without any remorse. Fisher soon secured the ND133, but they did not have the time required to evacuate it from Los Angeles airspace. Realizing the threat, Fisher went below, disguised himself as an airport employee, and left the bomb for the airport police to find.

Upon discovering the weapon, the police immediately evacuated the airport and called in the LAPD Bomb Squad to dispose of the weapon. The LAPD destroyed the bomb and the final strain of the smallpox virus through a controlled explosion, ending the threat to the United States and bringing the Indonesian Crisis to its final conclusion.

Debriefing Edit

The neutralization of Norman Soth erased the final lingering threat of Suhadi Sadono's "Insurance Policy". The final ND 133, however, remains armed with the smallpox virus and set to decompress in a matter of minutes. Third Echelon scrambles to alert emergency services, hopefully minimizing the damage caused by the virus...

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Trivia Edit

  • In the first garage area where the truck pulls the player in, there is a storage closet where a dead LAX employee is located, the work of Norman Soth's terrorist cell.
    • Another LAX employee body is found in the luggage area, hidden in the shadows.
  • Each of the terrorists can be identified using thermal vision, as they are very 'red hot' compared to other heat signatures. Additionally, they will engage in conversation with other employees, showing that they are actually imposters (but still able to fool the other workers).
  • By attracting guard to the combination lock you can recognize their code by using Thermal vision Goggles. Secret code from Security Room is 1387.
  • Once the player reaches the maintenance levels (where Norman Soth and two other terrorists are located), the player can overhear conversations from some the the repair crew below, citing how it looked like that much of the equipment had been sabotaged.
  • The terrorist's use of disguise in completing their operation and Sam's approach in securing the bomb at the end could be a nod to the Hitman videogame series.
  • In-game, Sam says there are still eleven minutes on the bomb's timer. In the final cutscene, it is clearly shown that there are twelve minutes on the timer, potentially more given the preceding conversation with Lambert.
  • Although never stated in-game, killing non-terrorists or tripping an alarm will cause Lambert to lash out at the player, resulting in mission failure.


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