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"How did Sam get on site at the Lincoln Memorial? Easy. United States Secret Service, acting on orders from the President, got him there. Why'd they do that? That's a little trickier. You see, the name "Lucius Galliard" got Grim's attention."
Victor Coste
Lincoln Memorial is the seventh single player level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Under orders from both the President of the United States, Patricia Caldwell, and Anna Grímsdóttir, ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must record a conversation between Lucius Galliard and Third Echelon Director Tom Reed.

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Reach camera controls

Find the right camera

Interrogate Galliard

Catch the Killer

Follow the Killer

Don't lose him

Get to his car

He's getting away

Take cover in the cafe


Reach your ride

Mission Overview Edit

As Sam Fisher nears the site, he obtains a clearance identification card from one of President Patricia Caldwell's Secret Service agents in order to bypass security and freely move about the construction site where workers are setting up tents and equipment for Vice President Calvin Samson's upcoming speech. Anna Grímsdóttir notifies Fisher that there is a sound booth set up with equipment inside that monitor's the camera system around the Memorial, meaning he can use it to record the conversation between Lucius Galliard and Tom Reed. Sam has to control the camera's focus so he can get a clear transmission of the conversation. The conversation confirms that the two have been working together, but also shows that they have a larger plan set in motion. Once Tom Reed leaves, Fisher exits the camera system and heads into the Memorial building. He grabs Galliard and interrogates him for information; Galliard mentions Megiddo and how the organization has influence and is in control. Before he can elaborate any further, however, he is shot and killed by an assassin with a handgun.


The assassin's getaway car explodes in front of Sam.

Fisher chases after the assassin through the tents set up as the assassin attempts to escape from Fisher. The assassin attempts to flank Fisher by navigating around the more complex tents and mingling with other Police officers that Grim advice him to deal with them Non-lethally. Fisher eventually chases him to a vehicle but as Fisher drew near, the car explodes - killing the assassin. Fisher tells Grímsdóttir that the assassin was killed, forcing Fisher to hold his position. Fisher is soon able to escape by being picked up by one of Grímsdóttir's contacts when they arrive and escapes the area.

Trivia Edit

  • The assassin holds a civilian captive and shoots the hostage as soon as the player gets near him, but it is impossible to actually save the hostage.
  • Once the assassin reaches the getaway car, he will sit in the driver's seat and attempt to start the vehicle by turning the ignition repeatedly to start the engine. This will happen indefinitely until the player intervenes by triggering the explosion by walking close to the car.
  • The small coffee shop area at the end of the mission is actually from the E3 demos from the early builds of Splinter Cell: Conviction. (For more regarding Conviction's development, read this article).
  • The player is able to knock out the police officers during the chase sequence, the only time that Sam ever uses non-lethal moves to subdue an enemy.
  • In the coffee shop, there is a newspaper which features Sam's mug shot from Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  • According to a radio news report which can be heard in the coffee shop, Lucius Galliard’s cause of death was a heart attack, a cover up for his assassination.
  • The area at the end of the stairs, the place at which Fischer interrogates Galliard, can be entered before utilizing the notebook linked with the 3 cameras. On the stairs, a man drinking some kind of energy drink (or similar) can be found, which randomly farts when standing near by.
  • Entering the aforementioned area before listening on the conversation shows that the area is entirely empty at first, until the player utilizes the notebook in the sound booth.


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