Were you looking for the Punta Blanco Lighthouse, the setting this level takes place?

Lighthouse is the first solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is sent in by Third Echelon to investigate the Punta Blanco Lighthouse outside of Talara, Peru, and to find and rescue Bruce Morgenholt, a computational theorist who took part in "Project Watson." Morgenholt was captured by a Peruvian guerrilla organization called the "People's Voice" lead by Hugo Lacerda.


Bruce Morgenholt has been kidnapped by a Peruvian separatist group known as the People's Voice. Morgenholt's knowledge of dangerous computer algorithms must no fall into the hands of the People's Voice or the leader, Hugo Lacerda.

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives
Rescue Morgenholt If possible, rescue Morgenholt from the guerrillas. Do not compromise the mission for the rescue.
Recover or destroy information about the Masse Kernels Any information the guerillas may have gotten from Morgenholt must be recovered or destroyed, and any copies of it must be erased from computers or servers.
Discover where the guerillas got their arms and equipment The guerrillas have seemingly received weapons from an unknown party. Possibly as payment for the kidnapping of Morgenholt. Discover where the weapons came from.
Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point Exfiltrate from the top of the lighthouse by clearing the upper platform and disabling the lighthouse light.
Secondary Objectives
Eliminate Hugo Lacerda Hugo Lacerda has been elevated to Third Echelon's target of opportunity list. Take advantage of any possible opportunity to remove him from the list.
Opportunity Objectives
Scan the SSCC bar code of the delivered crates Scan the weapons crate containing weapons delivered by Lacerda by checking them manually or using your EEV.
Bonus Objectives
Disable the radio in the lighthouse
Some guerrillas may be using unusually modern guns.
There may be secret passageways in the caves.
Morgenholt was tortured to death.
The information taken from Morgenholt is stored on a server somewhere.
The guerrillas have not set up an alarm system.
Lacerda has left the area on a boat.
The sound of thunder can be used to hide noises.
The arms were delivered from a cargo ship named the Maria Narcissa.
Extraction is at the top of the lighthouse with the light off.

Data & Transcript Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit

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After safely reaching the coast via boat, Fisher begins the mission on the coast near the lighthouse at a nearby cave entrance.

Sam Fisher arrives near the lighthouse on a small shore area near a cave crevice using a small boat to avoid detection. He moved along the beach and entered a small cavern where he heard gunshots coming from further in. Third Echelon operations coordinator Irving Lambert chimes in through Fisher's ear piece, noting the sound of gunfire and asking him if he's alright. Fisher responds to Lambert that the gunfire ahead are not AKs, meaning the guerrilla's have access to more advanced weaponry. Lambert tasked Fisher with objective of finding the weapons crates kept around the Spanish-colonial fort and scanning the the serial shipping container code (SSCC) barcodes to find out where the guerillas bought the weapons from. Fisher continued through the bioluminescence spotted caves and eventually emerged inside of the Spanish-colonial era fort currently being used by the People's Voice guerrillas as a base of operations. As Fisher began to climb a staircase, he could hear the screams of someone being tortured in the following area.

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Fisher walks around in the underground Spanish-colonial structure, where barrels and equipment (currently in use) is set up.

Fisher heads inside of the room to discover three guerrilla militants in a room with Bruce Morgenholt, as he is handcuffed to a pipe overhanging the room. One of the guerrillas uses a pair of jumper cables connected to a car battery to brutally torture Morganholt as he screams in pain. One of the guerrillas asks the torturer if Morgenholt has had enough, to which the torturer states that he's had enough when he can't talk. Upon closer inspection, however, the torturer finds that Morgenholt is actually dead, with one of the guerrillas describing Morgenholt's tongue looking like a lump of coal, and noting that his ears were actually smoking. After neutralizing/avoiding the guerrillas, Fisher identified and confirmed to Lambert that Morgenholt was indeed deader than Elvis. Lambert tells Fisher to leave the body as Third Echelon analyst Anna Grímsdóttir tells Fisher that they need to make sure that whatever Morgenholt told them never leaves the site. A technician that left the room before Sam entered was detected having a wireless link to there severs. Fisher's then tasked to wipe whatever data they learned from interrogating Morgenholt.

Along the way to the laptop, Fisher discovers that the leader of the People's Voice, Hugo Lacerda, is no longer on the premises. Lambert is able to receive the news as well, but Fisher continues towards the on-site laptop where traces of the interrogation are held. He finally finds the laptop located in a small room with the technician. Fisher accesses the laptop and Grímsdóttir let's him know that she was able to wipe the interrogation files, making it look like a memory allocation error. With the files erased, the next objective for Fisher was to now extract at the top of the lighthouse. Fisher emerges out of the building and back into the rain soaked bricks of the outer colonial fortification area, where cannons and equipment are still kept about. Fisher heads down the stair system and reaches the lower rocks, where a small, soaked wooden bridge connects the mainland to the lighthouse area.

Inside the lighthouse, in the lower levels, a lone guerrilla is using the radio to contact the 'Maria Narcissa', a cargo ship that Hugo Lacerda recently departed on. Fisher climbed the spiral staircase up to the upper platform where two electronic-beam spotlights rotate. A lone guerrilla patrolled the top of the platform, but was dispatched by Fisher. Fisher deactivated the power switch, disabling the light system and enabling him to call for extraction by air.

Version 1 (Xbox/PC/PS3)Edit

  • Both sides of the bridge are open.
  • The shooting range is in one location with glass bottles.
  • There is no ventilation system; you must use the cave to get into the fortress.
  • Objects (bottles, cans, sticks) are present.
  • The entrance to the lighthouse is accessible via the door.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube/3DS)Edit

  • The right side of the bridge is closed by a wall.
  • The shooting range is in one location with boxes.
  • There is a ventilation system, through which you can get into the fortress.
  • No objects (bottles, cans, sticks) appear.
  • There is a broken door blocking the entrance to the lighthouse.


  • 📌 Part 1: The Dungeon
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 2-step lock on the door.
  • 📌 Part 2: The Fortress
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 2-step lock on 3 and 4 doors.
  • 💀 Killed civilians: Bruce Morgenholt.
  • 🔫 +1 5.56 mm bullet box (by the fireplace on the box).
  • 💻 +1 computer.
  • 📌 Part 3: The Lighthouse
  • 🔎 +1 search cabinet (near with radio set).
  • 💡 -2 bullets in the radio set to activate the bonus task.
  • 👦 Enemies: 17, Civilians: 1.
  • 🏁 Best results: 100% stealth.


  • Sam is seen chewing Wrigley's Airwaves in the scene where he and William Redding are in the helicopter.
  • The lighthouse is attached to an abandon Spanish Colonial era fort and some nearby structures.
  • Sam uses a Zodiac to get to the shore of the lighthouse, it can be seen on beach at the beginning of the level (pushed up and resting on some rocks).
  • There are 6 weapon crates that Sam can use his EEV to scan it, if the opportunity objective is completed, the player will get better mission score.
  • A few guards inside of the cave reveal that the caves were tunneled out and previously used for smuggling.
  • It is impossible to actually save Morgenholt in this level, no matter how fast the player moves. Using thermal vision, the player can see that Morgenholt is dead (no body heat), despite screaming as the guard electrocutes him.
    • It is possible to free Morgenholt from the bindings around his wrists, which will trigger a conversation with Lambert regarding the action being unnecessary. Sam will insist that he cannot "leave him hanging like a piece of meat."
    • In contrast, if the player chooses to have Sam shoot Morgenholt's corpse, a different conversation will be triggered in which Lambert becomes irritated with Sam over the action. Sam explains that he is making sure Morgenholt does not suffer, to which Lambert rather humorously replies, "leaving NATO rounds in his body won't look good."
    • Freeing Morgenholt from his bonds in the PlayStation 3 version will give the player the "Dignity and Honor" Trophy, while leaving him (and completing the mission) will give the player the "Dead Man Hanging" Trophy.
  • The player can find an email in this level about one of the guerrillas remarking about the various bioluminous mushrooms and fungi that can be found in the cave system.
  • The technicians laptop, with the interrogations files on it, cannot be destroyed.
  • The lightning flashes through the level does raise the ambient sound very briefly. However the lightening doesn't appear to affect the light meter.
  • There is a zip line that leads to the lighthouse from where one of the guerrilla's are fixing the gate. Though it can only be accessed by waiting for the nearby Guerrilla to finish cleaning the rubble with the blowtorch, or, if the guard is unconscious or dead, shooting the blowtorch, causing it to explode, thus clearing the rubble.
  • Disabling the radio in the lighthouse will trigger a unique conversation with Grim.
    • Alternatively, shooting the guard and radio will trigger another conversation with Grim.
  • The music heard playing at the campsite is Luigi Boccherini - Minuet.
  • The People's Voice Revolutionaries use the AICW, the Australian equivalent of the XM29 OICW.
  • It is fairly easy to slip past all the guards in this level, however, the guard on the top of the lighthouse must be killed or knocked out in order to extract from the mission.
    • If the player disables the light, the guard will keep reactivating it. Even if the player shoots out the light, the extraction cannot be ordered.



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