"No! I'll give you what you want. [...] I'm so sorry."
― Lester Gollancz after giving in to interrogation.[src]

Lester Gollancz was the United States Secretary of Defense during the time of the Blacklist Attacks in 2012. After his capture by Majid Sadiq, he was tortured by members of The Engineers until he finally agreed to give them access to vital U.S. intelligence, but was killed by Isaac Briggs before he was able to do so.


Early lifeEdit

He was born in Wyoming and served in the US Navy. He later joined Congress, and following a wave of resignations following the EMP attack in Washington, President Patricia Caldwell elevated him to be Secretary of Defense.

2012: Blacklist AttacksEdit

During the Blacklist Attacks, he joined the other government members at Site F in Denver where they were captured by Majid Sadiq, leader of The Engineers. After extensive interrogation by removing his fingers, Gollancz's hand was severed by Sadiq's men to force him to uncover the United States military/intelligence information and secret data. After a grievous injury, he agreed to turn over information. Fourth Echelon agent Isaac Briggs, who had turned himself in, grabbed the SecDef and snapped his neck to prevent the turnover of information.



  • The name "Gollancz" is a family name, it originates from a Polish town named "Gołańcz."
  • Gollancz makes his only appeareance in Splinter Cell: Blacklist in the last level, Site F.
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