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Los Angeles International Airport at night; prominently displayed is the iconic Theme Building.

Los Angeles International Airport, also known as LAX, is the main airport of Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. It is one of the ten busiest airports in the world and one of the major hubs of transportation in the United States, serving tens of millions of commuters annually.

History Edit

2006: LAX Incident Edit

In 2006, the United States of America occupied the small Asian nation of East Timor in an attempt to defend its foreign interests from the Darah Dan Doa, an Indonesian terrorist organization led by the charismatic Suhadi Sadono. During the conflict, Sadono sought the assistance of his foreign contacts to help him deploy smallpox-armed biological weapons across the United States as part of his so-called insurance policy, codenamed "Pandora Tomorrow". If the Americans had attempted to kill or capture Sadono, the virus would be spread across the U.S., killing thousands. This plan failed when Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher discovered the location of the "pox boxes", allowing U.S. agents to destroy them and enabling Fisher's capture of Sadono in Jakarta, apparently ending the terrorist threat.

However, it was eventually learned that Sadono's key ally, rogue CIA Agent Norman Soth had acquired the last smallpox-armed ND-133 for use against the U.S. His plan was to unleash the virus from within LAX, an attack that would infect thousands of commuters and put much of the world at risk of a global pandemic. Third Echelon deployed Fisher to prevent this terrorist act.


Sam in the airport.

Speeding through the highway with Agent Coen at the wheel, Fisher raced to LAX, where he infiltrated the airport through a parking garage where an 18-wheel truck came in. Fisher hitched a ride in the back of the truck and was charged with recovering the ND133 before Soth could detonate it. It was learned that Soth and nine of his men had infiltrated the airport disguised as ordinary commuters and LAX employees, freshly vaccinated for smallpox. Using his thermal vision, Fisher identified the terrorists by their higher body temperatures, and was to use the Fifth Freedom to kill every single terrorist in the airport.

Fisher dispatched a terrorist disguised as a security guard in the lower levels of the parking garage. Once that was complete, he made his way through baggage, where he killed three terrorists mixed in among the regular employees. Fisher killed another terrorist at baggage inspection as he made his way through the conveyor belts, eventually gaining access to the waiting area on the upper levels. Fisher then dispatched two more terrorists in the upper office levels, one of whom was prepared to murder an innocent coworker. Having made his way above the main lobby, Fisher used his binoculars and thermal vision to identify Soth and his escorts, who had the smallpox-armed ND133 on hand.

Sam made it into an elevator shaft and made his way up to the maintenance levels after power to the elevators is cut off. Finally, Fisher located Soth and his men, preparing to arm the bomb for after the incoming flights had unloaded their passengers. Wasting no time, Fisher attacked and killed Soth's men, eventually killing Soth himself without any remorse. Fisher soon secured the ND133, but they did not have the time required to evacuate it from Los Angeles airspace. Realizing the threat, Fisher went below, disguised himself as an airport employee, and left the bomb for the airport police to find.

Upon discovering the weapon, the police immediately evacuated the airport and called in the LAPD Bomb Squad to dispose of the weapon. The LAPD destroyed the bomb and the final strain of the smallpox virus through a controlled explosion, ending the threat to the United States and bringing the Indonesian Crisis to its final conclusion.


  • In the baggage rooms, an airport employee can be found dead in the shadows on the upper catwalks, evidently having been killed by the terrorists.
    • Another dead employee can be found in the parking garage.
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