[April 9th, 2006]

Morris Odell: Darah Dan Doa forces have claimed victory after US troops have retreated from two engagements near the...

Morris Odell: ...released an official statement on their strategic withdrawal from the small skirmishes on...

[April 10th, 2006]

Morris Odell: ...of Springfield, Texas after the non-voluntary smallpox vaccination. Health workers could not divulge...

Civilian: They should tell us what they know. It's our lives!

[April 11th, 2006]

Morris Odell: Dramatic footage from Television-free Indonesia showing Darah Dan Doa leader Suhadi Sadono apparently engaged in battle. It remains...

End News.


[Indonesian Airspace]

[April 12th, 2006 14:07 hours]

(Sam Fisher and Frances Coen are in the Osprey. Coen is attempting to connect Sam to his daughter, Sarah Fisher, but is having trouble.)

Coen: There's too much noise on the line. I'm not sure we'll be able to connect you to Sarah before we land.

(Sam is on a laptop looking at smallpox flash notes. The notes show the different stages of the disease in gruesome detail.)

Irving Lambert: We'll have an agency file on 'Pandora Tomorrow' ready by the time you touch down.

(The flash notes get progressively worse)

Lambert: You were right. Sadono's insurance policy. If he misses a phone call, the virus gets released. We're vaccinating Springfield, Texas. But until we know how many other pox boxes there are, and where, Sadono is a glaring tripwire. We're going to have to tiptoe around him.

Sam: Did Grim write these smallpox flash notes?

(The scene cuts to Lambert at the NSA.)

Lambert: Yeah. She's a poet in her own way.

(A nurse comes up behind him and prepares his vaccination)

Lambert: But she makes an interesting point. We slip up in Indonesia, and those images could be illustrations of anywhere in America.

(The nurse takes Lambert's left arm and injects him with the vaccination. The two of them exchange looks before she turns around and leaves. The scene cuts back to inside the Osprey.)

Coen: I'm sorry, Fisher. I can't get Sarah on the line.

(Sam turns off the laptop)

Sam: I don't know what I'd say to her, anyway.

(The Osprey continues it's flight towards it's destination, Kundang.)

End Cutscene.

In Game:

(Sam begins in the Kundang jungle, Indonesia outside the camp.)

Irving Lambert: This is going to be a complicated mission, Fisher. We're running it in cooperation with Displace International, so your old friend Douglas Shetland will be local.

Sam Fisher: Good. I can work with Shetland. What's Shetland doing here?

Lambert: A "Ghost Army" operation, he'll give you the brief. 

(Sam moves forward near the campsite overlooking bellow the ledge. Douglas Shetland is observing crouched with binoculars.)

(If Sam speaks to him.)

Sam: Howdy, Shetland.

Douglas Shetland: Fisher. My God, old man, you keep turning up in unexpected places. I'd hoped the next place we met would've been stateside; I'd like to buy you a beer, see how's Sarah doing.

Sam: Let's leave home where it is. What's this "Ghost Army" business?

Shetland: PSY OPS, a distraction.

Sam: What's my part?

Shetland: Your handler should have your objectives. For my part, Sadono's plane in the yard near the village needs to be sabotaged.

Sam: Since I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway.

Shetland: Much appreciated. I've got a dozen Displace snipers around the camp. You won't see them but you better believe they're there. 

(If Sam speaks again.)

Sam: It is good to see you again, Shetland. Once we're back home we'll get that beer.

Shetland: Glad to hear it. We need to have a talk about some work I might have for you.

Sam: I've already got an employer, and they hear everything we say. 

Shetland: Good. They should know a man with your skills deserves more money and autonomy. No man should fight any war but his own, especially in the America we've got today.

(Speaking to Shetland again.)

Shetland: Is there anything you can tell me about Sadono? Why his life's so precious? My guys have had two dozen chances to see what's on his mind with a sniper bullet. 

Sam: Nope, sorry again.

Shetland: I've got a dozen itchy trigger fingers on that man. Real hard to keep saying "no."

(Speaking to him once more.)

Shetland: You know everything you need to, I'll see you once the mission's complete.

(Sam inserts himself through two points. Either the zip-line or a tree stamp rappelling into the shrubbery and enters the camp. He walks past some guerrillas and finds a pair walking through thick grass.)

Guerrilla1: You've gone through three bottles. 

Guerrilla2: On a twelve hour shift. 

Guerrilla1: So, go get another bottle. 

Guerrilla2: Hell no, I don't wanna get blown up.  

Guerrilla1: Then why are my chances better than yours? 

Guerrilla2: Because you helped lay the traps. 

Guerrilla1: Not all of them. Besides, they're easy to spot, just look for the tripwires. 

Guerrilla2: I can't look for tripwires, I'm drunk.  

Guerrilla1: I've drunk as much as you did. 

Guerrilla2: So that should make you braver. Remember, you need to fix your broken line.  

Guerrilla1: Yeah, I'll do it. 

Guerrilla2: Be careful, man. 

(The guerrillas attempt to fix the wires, but one triggers the explosive and gets killed) 

(Soon Sam heads downwards through a cluster of traps and finds himself near the shed where the plain is situated.) 

Dermont P. Brunton: You should be close to Sadono's plane, Fisher. 

Sam: Really. 

(Two guards speak by the plane.) 

Guerrilla3: Is the plane ready to go? 

Guerrilla4: No, we're still waiting for the product and the pilot. 

Guerrilla3: They're so slow today. We've been guarding this plane forever now. 

Guerrilla4: Sadono is checking the place. 

Guerrilla3: Go and double check the back of the plane, that'll keep you occupied. 

Guerrilla4: Why!? I just spent the last four hours verifying it. 

Guerrilla3: GO! 

(Sam approaches the plane and plants an explosive on it.) 

Lambert: Good work, Fisher.  

(He manages to leave the shed and goes through an area with a security checkpoint with two Guerrillas talk.) 

Guerrilla5: How much longer you think they'll be here?  

Guerrilla6: Until they'll convince the US we're not worth the trouble? Why, are you saying you're not supporting Sadono? 

Guerrilla5: No, no.. I have an allergic reaction to machetes, which makes me a firm Darah Dan Doa supporter. 

Guerrilla6: I'm glad to have Sadono here. Suddenly it feels like we have a cause far beyond money, somebody to follow.  

Guerrila5: Yeah, but so many executions.  

Guerrilla6: It's only a process of refinement. Productivity is up, security is tighter. Just keep yourself useful and patriotic so you don't end up on the chopping block. 

(Sam moves to the checkpoint to get the barrier up and slips through an an encampment with a watchtower. Two guerrillas are talking with another on the tower.) 

Guerrillas7: The dogs are acting weird. 

Guerrillas8: They must be hungry. 

Guerrillas7: I don't think so, there's something wrong. It's too quiet 

Guerrillas8: (To the guerrilla on the tower) Hey you, do you see something? Are they done with their speeches inside? 

Guerrillas9: No, not yet. 

Guerrillas8: You got some beer left up there? 

Guerrillas9: No, and leave me alone. 

(Sam climbs the tower to enter deep into the camp via zip-line.) 

Sam: I'm inside the camp. 

Lambert: The core of the mission is Sadono. He's on site. We need you to locate and trail him. But again, don't let him spot you. 

Sam: Pandora Tomorrow? 

Lambert: That's the idea. We haven't been able to trace his daily insurance call remotely, so we're gonna need you to get in there with a tap. Fifth Freedom with Sadono militia, but don't get spotted before tapping the phone. Updates on your OpSat. 

(Sam steps out of the shadows of the bungalows, noticing Sadono moving escorted with a lieutenant, going to speak with two guerrillas.) 

Suhadi Sadono: Good afternoon. 

Guerrilla10: It is, Sir.

Guerrilla11: Things are going good.

(Sam pursuits his way through the camp near Sadono.)

Sam: Any complications?

Lambert: Of course. Sadono changes the pass code for entry twice, daily. He doesn't write it down, he gives it verbally to his three top lieutenants on site.

Sam: So I grab one and make him talk?

Lambert: No, we need to stay discreet. We can't afford to have Sadono panic and skip a call. Use the sticky cam to hear those conversations. Details on your OpSat.

Anna Grimsdottir: You can use your sticky cam to overhear the code.

(Sam waits by an area outside the bungalow while Sadono speaks to his first lieutenant.)

Sadono: How does it go?

Lieutenant1: Real good. We're ahead of schedule.

Sadono: On?

Lieutenant1: Product.

Sadono: Hmm, we'll meet tonight. I want to review our distribution arms.

Lieutenant1: I'll be there.

Sadono: Good. The code for the big house today is 1492. Can you remember that?

Lieutenant1: 1492, I got it.

(Sam continues to trail Sadono as he reaches his second lieutenant.)

Sadono: Good afternoon.

Lieutenant2: It is, Sir.

Sadono: I am worried about the men.

Lieutenant2: How so?

Sadono: I want to make sure they're not using the product.

Lieutenant2: I don't think they would. They're all good boys.

Sadono: Yes, we'll arrange for a spot-check tonight just the same.

Lieutennat2: Alright.

(He goes through an indoor passage and to the other side near another building with his third Lieutenant waiting.)

Sadono: I am concerned about security.

Lieutenant3: We're in good shape. Though I wish you'd stay out of sight.

Sadono: Don't worry, I'm fine. Bullets can't find me.

Lieutenant3: Yes, but...

Sadono: Any risk is worth the confidence my presence gives our men, and the incite it causes in the west. Have you seen the news reports lately?

Lieutenant3: I don't watch T.V.

Sadono: Come up to the big house tonight, I'll show you the news. They think I'm the devil himself. Today's pass code is 1492.

Lieutenant3: Yes, Sir. 1492.

(If Sam manages to pick the code from the conversation of one out of three lieutenants.)

Lambert: Good. There's a colonial home overlooking the compound at the end of the village. That's where Sadono makes his Pandora Tomorrow phone call, that's where you'll need to be to tap it. Trail him so you'll be sure to be there on time.

(Sadono moves into the building and into a trapdoor going underground. Sam is on hot foot once he reaches bellow.)

Lambert: Got a heads up for you from Grim.

Grim: We're going to be losing touch in a second. There must be copper coils or some kind of grid ahead of you. The refinery proper is a dead signal hole. Good luck with your airplane pilot.

Lambert: We're going to be out of contact as long as you're underground.

Sam: I'll try not to get too lonely.

(Sam moves through the underground passage and reaches a point where Sadono talks to his pilot Asrul.)

Sadono: Is the plane alright?

Asrul: Yes, it's almost ready to go.

Sadono: Go, don't waste more time.

(Sam waits for Sadono to leave and speaks with Asrul.)

Sam: Eternal Dirt?

Asrul: Thank god you found me. Ignominious Getaway.

Sam: I'm short on time. What do I need to know?

Asrul: This name: Stanley Nakariakov. Golden Triangle affiliated. He lives in the Lei Yue Mun district of Hong Kong. But don't broadcast it electronically, this part of the world's made of ears.

Sam: My encryption is solid.

Asrul: I wouldn't count on it. There's more to Japan's ISDF than they're letting on.

Sam: How do you know?

Asrul: I've seen two other, uh... CIA resources disappear.

Sam: So how do you know it's the ISDF?

Asrul: Money knows everything. The name is Stanley Nakariakov. Got it?

Sam: Yeah. Just one piece of advice: Don't take your plane.

(If Sam keeps talking.)

Sam: What are you doing down here?

Asrul: It's the only secure place in the camp. They can't hear me down here.

Sam: The ISDF can't hear you?

Asrul: No, the people who are using it. I can't talk.

(If he keeps talking.)

Asrul: We can't be seen together.

(Sam goes to the keypad door and heads up the ladder to the surface.)

Lambert: Welcome back to fresh air.

Brunton: Do you have the name?

Lambert: Fisher, go tap that phone. We'll talk about the names later.

(Sam goes out the building and up to another section of the compound while he listens to gunfire and some guerrillas complaining.)

Guerrilla11: I'm gonna kill somebody if they don't stop shooting soon. That noise is gonna break my ears. Seriously, the ringing.

Guerrilla12: Nag, nag, nag.

Guerrilla11: I'm a musician, my ears are very sensitive. Why do they always give us this patrol?

Guerrilla12: What about me? I've got to listen to the constant gunfire and your constant complaining.

Guerrilla11: I feel like somebody's kicking me in the head.

Guerrilla12: Now there's an idea.

(Sam slips into the bungalows through a target range and training room then nearer the big house.)

Grim: Be careful, the access to the house isn't as easy as it seems, you should wait for darkness.

(He heads through a checkpoint and to the big house, accessing it through the keypad door. Inside, he sneaks near Sadono's office as he hears him make his phone call.)

Sadono: It's me, today's code is 0526 5173 337 3889. Pandora Tomorrow. ...Good. Until Tomorrow.

(He repeats the line three times and leaves the room, giving Sam the chance to tap his computer.)

Lambert: Good work, Fisher.

(Sam heads to the other side of the hall to leave.)

(If he doesn't switch off the electrical grid, he will get shocked nearby.)

Lambert: (PS exclusive.) Brunton has a comm from Shetland. Says his snipers are in position. They're ready to fire. They'll only be able to take out men wearing red dots, so choose your moment carefully.

(Sam opens the door outside and guerrillas surround him aiming their guns with flashlights on him.)

Lambert: Fisher, freeze! Don't make a move. Shetland will take you out of there.

(Soon sniper fire is heard and a flashbang goes off as the guerrillas in their confusion engage nowhere in particular as Sam manages to escape towards a cliff where the Osprey rises for his extraction.)

End Mission.

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