Data stick 1[edit | edit source]

From: Billy Mourakade
To: Raja Homsi
Sent: 10/04/2006 09:23
Subject: RE: American reports


Yes, Sadono hates it too when I call myself his secretary. But no matter how brilliant a leader he is, the man types like a trained chicken. His response to your message of April 8TH, dictated yesterday afternoon:

"The Springfield, Texas Smallpox vaccinations are obviously not so desirable as an actual outbreak would have been, but we can be certain we have the world's attention, or at least that of U.S. Intelligence. (He pauses for laughter. Ironic, not maniacal.) Soth's resources tell us that the CIA is well aware of our "insurance policy. All but one of our policies are in place and ready to be released upon day's silence. We will not need to make another demonstration, any further action will be the attack itself."

And from what I here, it's working. Sadono's suddenly seems impervious to bullets. Even the American-controlled media seems like it can't help but paint him as a hero. Talk to you soon.


Data stick 2[edit | edit source]

From: Sugeng
To: Kabri Christanta
Sent: 08/04/06 11:48
Subject: Victory in Palembang!


We drove them back! I saw the back of many American helmets today! We lost only three men, and though we found no corpses killed a half dozen Americans at least! Sadono was there, I'm sure. I did not see him but everybody was talking about it. Halfway through the fighting the Americans turned as suddenly as a flock of birds. The most incredible thing I've ever seen. Sadono is without fear, and that fearlessness is infectious. I tremble to think we may actually win!


Data stick 3[edit | edit source]

From: mortified_penguin
To: Billy Mourakade
Sent: 11/04/06 06:59
Subject: final placement

Last time I use this address. Even with the encryption, I don't trust it. Send responses to 4TH case address, as discussed. The American PMC has the final measure in place. They still have no knowledge of the ND133's contents. I can activate the final policy on Sadono's word.

Data Stick 4[edit | edit source]

Sent: 11/04/2006  23:19
Subject: RE: A VISITOR!

Son / Brother,

It was lucky we were able to check this computer! I still wish you would write us paper letters, this is so impersonal. Suhadi Sadono himself! We have told everyone, we are very proud. We feel certain that if you stay close to Sadono, you will be safe. We are very proud.

Everything is OK here. We need some rain, but will certainly get by.

And- Kancil walked today! We could not get the camera in time, but as soon as you are back we will tell you all about it.

Deni / Heru / Kancil  ; )

Intel 1 (Agency File: Kundang Camp/Golden Triangle)[edit | edit source]

SUBJECT- Agency File on the Kundang Camp / Golden Triangle
UPLOADED- 12/04/06; 15:15:48
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

Sadono made connections with the Golden Triangle heroin trade in the early nineties, when he was still just a thug on the streets of Cireban.  In 1996 he put them to work, offering the DDD's services for security for smuggling operations in the mountains.  When the CIA pulled DDD funding in 98/99, Sadono doubled his invested time in the heroin business and multiplied his profits tenfold. Another variation on Sadono's peculiar idealism.  The Kundang Camp is a madly lactating cash cow, and packed with more armed, angry men than a Texas barbecue.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 2 (Case File: Azrul Arifin)[edit | edit source]

SUBJECT- Case File on Azrul Arifin
UPLOADED- 12/04/06; 15:28:02
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Azrul Idriss Arifin
KNOWN ALIASES- George Marshall; Henning Fischerauer
DOB- 16/09/72
HEIGHT- 5'09"
WEIGHT- 148 lbs.
HAIR- black
EYES- brown
AREA OF OPERATION- Kundang, Indonesia
ASSOCIATIONS- The "Golden Triangle"


First contact with CIA agent Sarah Glass.

Enters CIA payroll as asset to Sarah Glass.
Completes pilot training in Munich, Germany, under the alias of 2nd generation German citizen Henning Fischerauer.

26/10/05- Dropped from Sarah Glass' asset list for reasons of "untoward advances."  CIA agent Robert Khchefati takes over his case.

Requests leave of absence from CIA asset list.  Request denied.

Sarah Glass' case reports on this guy are hilarious, you should give them a read when you get back stateside. He sounds like a real skeez, but he's smart, observant, and easy to scare, been a great inside source of information for our friends at Langley.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 3[edit | edit source]

[Picture of Azrul Idriss Arifin]

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