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Kundang, Indonesia is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is sent to Kundang, Indonesia to tap Suhadi Sadono's phone as he makes his daily 'Pandora Tomorrow' phone call in his villa.

Briefing Edit

"Pandora Tomorrow" is the code phrase for Sadono's insurance policy against the U.S. attack. He makes daily, secure phone calls to undisclosed U.S. locations, delaying release of the smallpox virus one more day. If he is killed or detained, the virus will be released within 24 hours. Intercept Sadono's "Pandora Tomorrow" call in order to locate the virus.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

  • Plant explosives on Sadono's plane.
  • Inflitrate the village.
  • Trail Sadono to identify the location of his "Insurance" telephone call.
  • Don't get detected by Sadono.
  • Record the entrance code with your sticky cam.
  • Rendezvous with pilot/CIA contact Asrul Arifin in the refinery to receive intelligence regarding.
  • Tap Sadono's secure phone.
  • Get close enough to Sadono during the call to hear the conversation.
  • Exit through the back door of Sadono's house for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • The refinery room door code is 0623.
  • The code for the villa today is 1492.

Data Edit

Mission OverviewEdit

After the incident in Jerusalem, Sam Fisher's next mission was to head back to Indonesia to gather more intel regarding what Suhadi Sadono may be doing with the ND133, which were armed with samples of the smallpox virus for use against the American populace. Fisher began his mission in the jungle, some distance from the outer camp area where Darah Dan Doa were situated. Third Echelon operation coordinator Irving Lambert notified Fisher that Displace CEO Douglas Shetland would be in the area, as his Displace men were running a 'Ghost Army' operation, providing recon. Fisher was able to rendezvous with Shetland on a perch overlooking the outer tents of the Darah Dan Doa camp. Upon speaking with Fisher, Shetland revealed that he had Displace snipers around the camp providing recon, and stated that he's had about a dozen men with sniper crosshairs on Sadono's head. He was told by Fisher's handlers to not kill Sadono, as it would have vast repercussions. Shetland lets Fisher know that Displace was going to plant explosive on Sadono's plane so that it will remain grounded, but Fisher lets him know that he can do it since he'll be in the area.


Sam planting explosives on Suhadi's plane.

Fisher makes his way into the outer areas of the camp, avoiding the various Dara Dan Doa soldiers that were in and around the camp areas. He eventually meets the hanger area building hanger that houses Sadono's plane, with a few guards inside protecting the aircraft. Fisher plants the explosives device and heads deeper inside of the camp, finding Sadono talking with his men. Lambert notifies Fisher that Sadono gives out the code to his villa verbally to his lieutenants, with Third Echelon's computer analyst Anna Grímsdóttir telling Fisher to record the meeting with a Sticky Camera. After recording the conversation, Fisher continues to trail Sadono into an underground area where he is notified by Grim that they will lost communications because of some interference they seem to be having with the underground facility. Fisher comes upon several rooms where Sadono's men had been producing and distributing drugs, of which Sadono had been making a lot of currency from.

As Fisher meets undercover CIA pilot Azrul Arifin in a further room where Sadono is seen exiting along with his lieutenants. The CIA pilot gives Fisher the information, letting Fisher know that Japan's Information Self-Defense Force is not what it seems, and gives Fisher the name "Stanley Nakariakov", a Golden Triangle affiliate. Fisher warns the pilot to stay away from the plane and departs, making it back up to the surface and back into communications range with Third Echelon. Fisher sneaks through the training area of the camp and makes it to Sadono's villa, where Sadono himself was inside making his daily 'Pandora Tomorrow' phone calls - calls that delay the release of the smallpox virus that he had already been set up in America. Fisher waits until Sadono is finished and leaves the room, allowing Fisher to tap his phone line using the laptop sitting on his desk. With his primary objectives complete, Fisher made his escape through the back of the villa, only to be ambushed by Darah Dan Doa militants outside of the villa. Lambert tells Fisher to wait, while Douglas Shetland's Displace snipers get into position to cover Fisher‘s extraction. A sniper takes the shot, taking out one of the militants, allowing the heat to be taken off Fisher. After the militants are disposed of Fisher, escapes through the woods, exfiltrating from the Osprey.

The U.S. Navy eventually learned of the camp's existence and launched a missile strike against Kundang. The attack destroyed much of the base and presumably killed a large number of Darah Dan Doa militants. The destruction of the Kundang refinery was a major blow to Sadono's campaign, but ultimately failed to kill the guerrilla leader himself.

Debriefing Edit

Grimsdottir traced Sadono's "Pandora Tomorrow" phone call through several relay points before losing it it in a shipyard on an island off the eastern coast of Indonesia.

Transcript Edit

Version 2 (PS2, GameCube) Edit

  • The PS2 and GameCube versions of the game include an additional part of the mission at the beginning. The player must infiltrate the outskirts of the village through a series of caves without being detected at all.
  • This is the only part throughout the game where there are several kinds of fish in the water that cannot be killed.
  • If an alarm is raised, the mission is over.
  • There are some glitches in first bonus part of this mission:
    • If a body us thrown down so that it falls in the field of sight of an opponent, he will not react or raise an alarm.
    • The bodies can be thrown down off the ledge. At the next attempt to throw the bodies off the ledge they hang in the air, and the animation of their movements stop working.
    • When the guard leaves the dog, he disappears from the level.
  • In the second section there is a guard who gets blown up by a mine. If you leave his body in the light, there will be an alarm (could be a bug).
    • Another guard will come to inspect the body and put the mine back (without raising the alarm).
  • There is a new mini-game to neutralize mines.
  • The guard next to the plane has a satchel, but it disappears if you knock out or kill him.
  • In the third part, during the surveillance of Sadono there is a small area where Sam can not go through or go back because both doors will be blocked.
  • There is Russian dining menu from Vselka Infiltration level.
  • There are no civilians.
  • There are two cameras in the room with the laptop in Sadono's Villa.

Version 3 (Essentials) Edit

SCE Bonus Mission 2 Alarms

0/3 Alarms in Essentials.

  • The version completely identical to the PS2 version, but Sam has a knife and pistol with Optically Channeled Potentiator. Turrets can be blocked to use with a OCP.
  • This is the longest mission in Pandora Tomorrow and Essentials; Essentials in particular has 6 segments.
  • To failed mission you must got three raised alarms in first bonus part.
  • No fish in water. All another bugs are identical PS2 and GameCube versions.
  • Second part started at 16:23 (wrong timeline).
    • Part 1 – 15:12, Part 2 – 16:23, Part 3 – 17:35, Part 4 – 17:59, Part 5 – 18:17, Part 6 – 18:39 to ~19:00.
  • In the second section there is a guard who gets blown up by a mine. Another guard will come to inspect the body but don't put the mine back.
  • Enemies are little.
  • The guard next to the plane has a satchel and it doesn't disappears if you knock out or kill him.
  • Some lights cannot be destroyed. Some lights can be destroyed but lights is on.
  • Some dialogue with Azrul Arifin is missed and he enters code 0623.
  • There are also a lot of ammunition, but there is nothing to spend them.

Trivia Edit

  • In the news coverage before the mission a report on Arthur Partridge can been see. Reading: "Tuskegee, AL, Honors Captain Partridge".
  • At the start of the mission, the player has the chance to talk to Douglas Shetland. During the conversation, Douglas suggests that he'll buy him a drink some time when they get back home. In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Shetland's second appearance, he meets Fisher in a bar in Japan.
  • At the start of the mission, where Shetland is located, the player has the choice to either rappel down the cliff side (using a tree stump) or to use the zip line that takes him down to the camp.
  • The area after rappelling or using the zip line, the player can see marijuana plants growing. However in the PS2 and PS3 HD remaster it's been removed.
  • There are two Darah Dan Doa militants that are drunk in the first area where trip wire mines appear, if the player does not alert them, one of them ends up triggering the trip wire and blows himself up.
    • This makes the first mission to have an NPC die from a military hazard.
    • The PS3 HD version cuts out the dialog they usually say when fixing the mines.
  • A guard dog makes it's second appearance in the game, located in the area after the player has left the hanger where Sadono's plane is located. (This is where the security gate is located).
  • The player can plant the explosives on either side of Sadono's plane.
  • On top of a create under the wing of there is what looks to be a washing liquid bottle, when shot it turns into a damaged soda can.
  • When Fisher talks to the CIA pilot for intel, the pilot gives Fisher information that plays a minor role in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (although, don't play a role in Pandora Tomorrow). For example, the name "Stanley Nakariakov" and information regarding the Japanese ISDF.
  • One of the Darah Dan Doa militants can be found hitting a punching bag (located in an exercise room just next to the firing range). The bag will smoke after a while, causing the guard to cough and lose awareness over his surrounding.
  • Inside of Suhadi Sadono's villa, there is an electrical trap in the hallway that will shock the player if it's walked on (unless the player switches a level located on a powerbox nearby). Once shocked, Fisher will be surprised, prompting Lambert to ask if he's okay; Fisher just replies that he got shocked by something. This is not seen in Essentials version of the mission.
  • The player can throw a flashbang over the wall before opening the door where Sam is ambushed by guards. This is a quick way to bypass them


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