Kundang is an area located in Indonesia, and was an area of great importance during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006 when Suhadi Sadono utilized a village there as the headquarters of the Darah Dan Doa. During that time, Third Echelon operated in that area of Indonesia when sending in a Splinter Cell operative to investigate the village. Additionally, PMC Displace International snipers were sent in to run a 'ghost army' operation during this same time, providing cover for Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher towards the end of his mission.


Refinery, Kundang, IndonesiaEdit

The refinery sits at the heart of the Darah Dan Doa's campsite in 'Kundang, 'Indonesia, and evidently serves as the main headquarters for guerrilla leader Suhadi Sadono. The refinery at Kundang is just the centerpiece of a massive campsite where Sadono directs a great majority of his terrorist operations across Southeast Asia. The camp is home to several hundred of Sadono's men, and is where they store many of their vehicles and weapons. The campsite is composed of dozens of tents that lie around a large shantytown, where the aforementioned refinery resides. Outside of the campsite is the hangar where Sadono's private plane is housed, with an airstrip presumably located on the grounds as well. Within the camp itself, there are weapons storehouses, vehicle repair shops, barracks, a shooting range, and finally, the refinery itself. Within the refinery is a heroin lab, which Sadono sells across Asia as a means of funding his operations. The refinery also serves as the base's powerhouse, maintaining a large power generator underground.

Finally, beyond the refinery is the villa, which serves as Sadono's office and private quarters. The building is keypad-locked, and the code changes on a daily basis. It also is equipped with security cameras, laser tripwires, and an electric field which shocks intruders. Finally, it is heavily guarded by a large force of armed guerrillas, ensuring that Sadono is not threatened by any potential assassins.

Komodo Shipyard, Kundang IndonesiaEdit

The Komodo Shipyard was an area that was controlled by Darah Dan Doa guerillas and militants. A submarine bay was located here, hidden underground and populated by Darah Dan Doa militants and heavy security to keep the place secured from enemies.


  • Kundang, Indonesia was a major location in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
  • Prior to the mission to capture Sadono in Jakarta, it is later revealed on WNM that the Kundang campgrounds were hit by an Allied missile strike targeting Sadono in his compound. The resulting strike inflicted a great deal of damage against the base, but Sadono himself had already gone underground prior to the attack.
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