[April 14th, 2006]

Morris Odell: outright mockery of the US military's inability to either capture or kill Suhadi Sadono. The guerrilla leader has appeared on the front lines of nearly every major...

[April 15th, 2006]

Morris Odell: ...being sold over the internet, and have become popular across the world. Even their wearers seem largely unsure whether or not irony is...

[April 17th, 2006]

Civilian: I mean, it seems like we went to war without declaring anything. And a war we're kind of losing. I don't know what's...

Morris Odell: ...bringing the smallpox vaccination death toll to 6. Still no word from government officials regarding...

End News.

In Game:

(Sam starts in the Komodo jungle near the abandoned village, a turret on a tower scans the tall grass ahead.)

Irving Lambert: You're just about in position.

Sam Fisher: Right, I see the "Abandoned", but where's the shipyard?

Lambert: Underground. The dock was made for submersibles.

(Once Sam starts to move, birds will fly away from the grass and the turret fires randomly. He then picks up a frequency.)

Guerrilla1: Movement. I need a ground check in my sector.

Guerrilla2: Sure it's not another bird, Haz?

Guerrilla3: It's alright, I'll take a look.

(Sam heads through the bungalows and finds a couple of guerrillas sitting by a table.)

(If Sam makes enough noise the dog will bark and draw attention to the guerrillas.)

(Sam surpasses the guerrillas and into a hut with a security laser then into an elevator that goes down.)

Lambert: GPS shows that you're within a stone's throw from the control room. Walk softly, and use that technician. If you raise the sub yourself you're going to bring up a lot of Darah Dan Doa who won't be happy to see you.

Sam: You're underestimating my charm.

(Sam finds himself near a hall and heads near the right passage to the control room. He hears a guerrilla talk to another.)

Guerrilla4: Why are you in the hall?

Guerrilla5: I was just sending an update back home.

Guerrilla4: What about your patrol?

Guerrilla5: It'll still be there when I finish.

Guerrilla4: Why is the light out?

Guerrilla5: It's broken. Listen, let me finish this email to my sister.

Guerrilla4: Sure, tell her I haven't forgotten her.

Guerrilla5: Go to hell.

(Sam enters the control room and snatches the technician.)

Sam: Hi, how's your English?

Technician: Super.

Sam: Super. I need you to raise that submarine.

Technician: Why?

Sam: Because hurting people ruins my sweet disposition.

Technician: Ah. Yes, yes, right away.

Sam: Thanks.

Technician: You're welcome.

(If Sam keeps interrogating.)

Technician: What more do you want from me?

(Sam forces the technician to raise the sub as it arises to the surface. He intercepts an alert.)

Radio: Garin, what's going on? We weren't supposed to surface for another four hours!

Radio: Garin, are you there? Answer me if you're there, otherwise I'm pulling the alarm!

Sam: Tell him we're Kosher.

Technician: What?

Sam: Tell him nothing's wrong.

Technician: OK. *To radio* There's no problem. I had a warning light flash on the ballast tanks. I'll put you back under as soon as they're fixed.

Radio: Copy that, thanks.

(Sam knocks out the technician and heads near the subs catwalk decks and over the cable lift as he makes his way down.)

Lambert: Grimsdottir's got her hands on Komodo's security personnel protocols. Inside that submarine, you're going to be out-manned and out-gunned.

Sam: That's everywhere I go.

(Sam enters the sub and head through the deck to reach near a quarter where two guerrillas talk.)

Guerrilla6: Listen, could you cover for me?

Guerrilla7: What's up?

Guerrilla6: I need to sneak some sleep, I was up all night. Eamon wouldn't turn the television off.

Guerrilla7: WNM?

Guerrilla6: Yeah, it's become the 24-hour Sadono show.

Guerrilla7: Hoping to see yourself in the background?

Guerrilla6: I'm just going to lie down for a few minutes. Give a shout if anybody's coming.

Guerrilla7: Sure, sweet dreams.

(the control room bypassing quarters and kitchens then heads into the control room via retina scanner commandeering a colonel. A tech comes to speak to another guerrilla.)

Guerrilla6: I'm going to go down a cup of coffee, I'll be back in a few minutes.

Guerrilla7: Can you bring me a cup?

Guerrilla6: No, you know the equipment's too sensitive for us to drink in here.

(Sam goes to the main computer to access the data.)

Lambert: Great work, Fisher. What do we got, Grim?

Grim: Just need to find the terminal's ID number. There, looks like we've got five subscribers. Satellite phones.

Lambert: U.S. numbers?

Grim: Yeah. Echelon's linking them to a private military corporation. Something called "Displace." (ARGUS)

Lambert: We're going to cross-check their recent contracts. 5 PMC's line up neatly with our five pox boxes.

Sam: What's my part?

Lambert: Amityville. Get out. If we've got the pox boxes, then there's nothing stopping us. The Joint Chiefs will want to move fast. Rendezvous with Coen, it's about time you introduced yourself to Sadono.

(Sam leaves the sub and runs along the deck platforms engaging in guerrilla combat then leaves via zodiac.)

End Mission.

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