Komodo, Indonesia is the sixth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. In this mission, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrates the Komodo Shipyard in Indonesia, being occupied by the Darah Dan Doa.

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Infiltrate the Submarine

Sadono's 'Pandora Tomorrow' phone call is being forwarded through an encrypted relay in the communication system of a submarine docked in a supposedly abandoned shipyard.

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  • Infiltrate the caves
  • Infiltrate the submarine
  • Access the SSISIXS
    • Use colonel to enter the SSISIXS room
  • Go to extraction point

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Sam Fisher infiltrates the Komodo Shipyard.

After tapping the phone of Suhadi Sadono inside of his villa in Kundang, Indonesia, Sam Fisher leaves for a shipyard that is under control by the Darah Dan Doa. In an open area with tall grass and tress looming over the dark sky, Fisher infiltrates a small encampment heavily guarded by the militia. Fisher asks Irving Lambert where the shipyard was located, to which Lambert replies that it's actually underground, with the only viable way of entering into the underground shipyard being through an elevator system. Fisher sneaks through the encampment and meets the elevator, taking it down deeper into an underground complex the Darah Dan Doa have taken control of as a place of operation. Lambert notifies Fisher that he'll need to find a technician to raise the submarine in order to get on board, otherwise there will be a lot of angry Darah Dan Doa. Fisher grabs a technician, who was located in the control room, and forced him to raise the submarine.

As Fisher held the technician as a human shield, a submarine crewman on the radio called the technician and asked him why he raised the submarine. After hearing nothing, he asked again, this time threatening that he would pull the alarm. Fisher tells the technician to tell him that everything is fine, and the technician complies - telling the person on the radio a made up story. The man on the other end of the radio buys the story, allowing Fisher to knock out the technician and make his way to the submarine. Fisher entered into the submarine bay hanger and climbed inside of the open hatch, navigating through the tight quarters of the submarine.

Fisher finds that he needs a colonel to enter the SISSIXS room, and thankfully a colonel makes his way by for Fisher to grab him. Fisher forces him to cooperate and scanned his eyes on the retinal scanner, giving Fisher access to the SISSIXS room. Fisher types the control room's computer and discovers a number of contracts Sadono had with a place called "Displace" - with members of a PMC called ARGUS setting up the ND133 devices. Fisher finds the locations and uploads them to Third Echelon, completing his immediate objectives.

Fisher exfiltrates out of the submarine and is attacked by Darah Dan Doa, who ambushed him at the lower levels in the submarine bay. After neutralizing the threats, Fisher climbed down a ladder where a Zodiac was stationed below - allowing him to leave the enemy area and into the waters.

Debriefing Edit

From the submarine relay, Sadono's call was traced to five satellite phone subscribers, each linked to the private military corporation "Armed Guardian Services", SHADOWNET teams will neutralize the 'pox boxes', (Virus-armed ND133), freeing THIRD ECHELON to neutralize Suhadi Sadono.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a section where the player can sneak around below a cage where a guard dog is kept, causing the guard dog to bark at the player. One of the guards will get up and tell the dog to be quiet; after continuing to bark, the guard will finally take out his AK-47 and shoot and kill the dog because of the noise it was making.
  • A Chaff Grenade can be used to disable the lasers leading to the cave.
  • In the two levels where Fisher is infiltrating the Darah Dan Doa militant camps, there are sections of the militants using target practice (whether in a firing range or using bottles set up on crates).
  • On the PS2 version, when in the sub Lambert's has extra dialog that will be mixed with static. Likely due to interference of the sub.
  • When the player enters the SISSIXS room and taps the computer, Anna Grímsdóttir names Displace as the company working with Suhadi Sadono. After the mission, however, the debriefing screen shows that it was instead "Armed Guardian Services" (ARGUS). This may suggest that a last minute change was in place, since Displace International appears as the antagonists in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (which is supposed to appear as a plot-twist).
    • Additionally, as revealed in Kundang, Indonesia, the ISDF is supposed to be a twist as well, but Azrul Arifin states that 'they' are in control of ISDF.
  • A lot of elements and the level design from the section when infiltrating the submarine had been reused form the cut mission Shipyard in the original Splinter Cell.


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