Kola Cell is an exclusive solo campaign level for the Xbox and PC versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must infiltrate an abandoned factory in the Kola Peninsula in Russia to locate and access Philip Masse's server.


Locate and access Masse's server.

Third Echelon monitoring has pinpointed one of Nikoladze's remaining cells in an abandoned factory in northern Russia. Among those suspected to be present is Philip Masse, the computer programmer whose algorithms empowered Nikoladze's information attacks. A sample of his code must be collected and Philip Masse must be neutralized.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Locate and access Masse's server.
  • Force Masse to download his personal source code from his office PC.
  • Kill Phillip Masse after downloading his source code.
  • Make it back alive to the insertion point for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • The server room floor may be covered in water.
  • The retinal scanner is configured for Colonel Alekseevich's retina.
  • Colonel Alekseevich could arrive at the Kola installation at any time.
  • Do not kill or incapacitate Colonel Alekseevich prior to gaining access to Masse's office.
  • Some of the Spetsnaz may have access to night vision equipment.
  • Do not kill or incapacitate Philip Masse prior to forcing him to download his source code.

Data sticks Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit

Kombayn Nikoladze is dead and the Georgian Information Crisis has officially ended with the discovery of the Ark in Hope Gate, Maryland, where it was taken over by the US government. No actual information was given in the media except that they evacuated the building on the cause of a gas leak and nothing related to Nikoladze. Relatively, the media claims that Nikoladze's death was an attempted ousting from palace guards acting in President Cristavi's orders. However there were other loose ends as Third Echelon was observing other of Nikoladze's cells operating. One was found in the Kola Cell Peninsula by an abandoned factory. It has been assumed that this particular cell is operated by Philip Masse, Nikoladze's former lead programmer. Masse was attempting to take lead of his cell using his technological knowledge that empowered the late former president. Third Echelon dispatched Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher into the factory acting on a plan created by Anna Grímsdóttir. The mission was to download Masse's source code by letting him access his computer and Sam must patch into the system, letting Grim do the rest. Masse is to be executed in the process. Sam infiltrated the factory, sneaking through guards, cameras and security lasers. He managed to reach the main server room and to find a backdoor into the system. While in the process, a former Colonel to Nikoladze and now acting to Masse, Andrei V. Alekseevich, was observing operations in the factory as he noticed the suspicious activities, thinking multiple hostiles have infiltrated the factory and sends a squad to Sam's location. He evades and pushes forward to locate Masse. He crossed paths with Alekseevich and forced him to open the door via retina scanner, accessing Masse's office. He finds Masse doing his work by his super computer and takes hold of him. He forced to do log in his system to download the data. Meanwhile a squad of elite soldiers wearing Night vision breached the office to take Fisher down. After he dispatches them, he executes Masse, thus ending another major threat to the world security, then leaves the factory.

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  • Kola Cell is one of the three downloadable bonus missions for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.
  • Kola Cell takes place entirely indoors and is not split into parts, unlike previous levels.
  • This level is a part of the cut level Severonickel. It has been modified to fit the storyline.
  • A shovel can be found and be picked up and thrown in the first area with a guard. It's unique to this level.
  • Overhearing a guard conversation reveals that the mission takes place in abandon nickel smelting plant.
  • A glitch can occur if you quicksave just after you access the sever in the flooded sever room, where if you quickload that save the guards won't come running down and the sever room doors will remain open.
  • A quick way to take out the guards in the flooded sever room is to sticky shock the water near them once they are in the water.
  • If you don't pick up the wall mines by Masse, the soldiers will shoot them causing an explosion.
  • The Kola Cell is the site of Philip Masse's death by Sam Fisher.
  • Masse's death is mentioned by Sam in the Bank level of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Grimsdottir will have a strong memory about Sam killing Masse.
  • At the beginning of the level, Grim's name was misspelled to Grimstoddir.

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