Kobin's Mansion
Established 2010
Location King George Street, Valletta, Malta
Type Museum
Appearances Splinter Cell: Conviction
"Kobin's whole operation was based here, and he'd turned the place into a fortress. Which, to be fair, it pretty much was the start with, and that was before he filled the place with jumpy guys toting automatic weapons."
Victor Coste[src]
Kobin's Mansion was a building owned by Andriy Kobin located on King George Street in Valletta, Malta. Being the local gun runner and one of the most notable criminals in the area, the mansion was described as being the main place where anything 'dirty' that went on in Malta went through.


Pre-Third Echelon Conspiracy Edit

Prior to Splinter Cell: Conviction, the mansion used to be an Art Museum. After Kobin bought it, as Victor Coste put it, he turned it "into a fortress." Kobin's men patroled the halls and guarded the entrance and rooms throughout the mansion.

2011: Third Echelon ConspiracyEdit

After finding out from Dmitri Gramkos that Kobin was the one who killed his daughterSam Fisher infiltrated the mansion for answers. Kobin knew Sam was coming, and was even more paranoid - putting his whole place on alert. Fisher finally found Kobin and interrogated him; Kobin told Fisher that the whole situation is "bigger than him." Splinter Cells crash in from the skylight on ziplines and point their weapons at Sam. Anna Grímsdóttir tells Sam to comply, and is promptly tranquilized and captured by the Splinter Cells.



  • Archer's body can be found in a body bag in the entrance room of the mansion.
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